Goals for '22 | New Year, New YOU

We’re all guilty of it. January hits and you have big plans for the year to advance your marketing. As the year passes by, more pressing work gets in the way of your original plans. Before you know it, you’re getting holiday cards and punting those original plans to the following year.

When it comes to setting and achieving goals, oftentimes the only difference between success and failure is a plan.

With that in mind, Millennium is asking our clients to share their goals, anonymously, along with any challenges that have kept you from achieving those goals in the past. We’ll share insight from our team of project managers and marketing professionals to help you not just set goals for 2022, but plan to achieve them.

Some examples:

  • Attend more industry trade shows
  • Update promotional materials to more memorable items
  • Optimize your company website for mobile users
  • Review ROI on digital ads
  • Incorporate automation into your sales funnel

Share two goals that your business wasn’t able to successfully achieve that you set out to in 2021. Millennium will be featuring some of the most common responses with solutions and tips in an upcoming blog in Q1 of 2022.