Key Insights to How Your Digital Marketing is Driving Business

Running a business requires focusing on many different moving parts at once. We understand the bottom line is important; you want to know if your marketing strategies are working. We eliminate the guesswork by providing comprehensive reports outlining website and campaign performance, actions we’ve taken, and new strategies we want to implement. Using a combination of detailed explanations and visual charts and tables, we highlight trends and offer big picture analysis to ensure you aren’t left pouring through confusing data. Raw numbers can be overwhelming, so leave the number crunching and data analysis to our experts.

Analytics & Reporting

Solutions Focused

Instead of running a standard report and sending it along to you, we take the time to discuss and analyze performance internally. Our team has discussions each month to identify what has been successful and what areas need improvement. We look at year over year analytics, industry trends, and external factors that may be affecting performance. Most importantly, we brainstorm and develop strategies that improve your bottom line. We don’t just hand you a report; we hand you an outline of your performance, an explanation of why your numbers are increasing, and solutions for how to achieve your business goals.

We provide:

  1. Analytics Account Setup: Our Google Analytics Certified experts set up your Google Analytics account for you. We set up goals, add filters, and deploy the right JavaScript tags to your website.
  2. Analytics Spam Prevention Services: Analytics spam is not only annoying, but it is a huge problem for accurate client reporting. We ensure spam traffic is filtered out as soon as possible so it doesn’t skew the numbers. This gives you the most accurate view of performance.
  3. Analysis Reporting: We provide valuable information about your website, including:
    • Are your visitors filling out your form or taking desired actions?
    • How many pages do your visitors view on average?
    • What are the most popular pages on your website?
    • Which websites and social media platforms are delivering the most referrals to your site?
    • Which pages on your website are underperforming and are in need of attention?

By monitoring these important metrics, we develop and implement content and targeted strategies to improve user experience and lead generation.

The Millennium Difference

Understanding what happened with your website visitors after the fact is valuable, but building on that information is where real magic can happen. We feel that it is just as important to know what happens after someone reaches your website as it is to generate traffic to begin with. At Millennium Marketing Solutions, we actively monitor our client accounts to look for ways to improve return on investment through optimization. We do several types of monitoring and optimization, depending on the type of account:

  • Search Landscape Analysis: We perform keyword research to find the best keywords and phrases to target based on your desired audience and business goals. For pay-per-click campaigns, this includes negative keywords to make sure your ads don’t show at inappropriate or unprofitable instances.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: By testing and tracking patterns in visitor traffic, we can determine ways to optimize campaigns and landing pages. We test ads, landing page call to actions, and layouts by using leading industry tools.
  • Competitor Analysis: We monitor competitors to see what may be helping their website performance and emulate where appropriate.
  • Heat Maps: Heat maps show us how visitors interact with your website. By utilizing heat mapping software, we gather helpful information that wouldn’t otherwise be obvious. Heat maps let us understand the behavior of website visitors and their user experience. Among other valuable insights, it also allows us to see where visitors are looking on the page. This information tells us where the most valuable real estate on the page is, allowing us to make adjustments to the layout to ensure users are seeing the most important information.
  • Psychological Factors: Behavioral psychology and behavioral economics show certain psychological and emotional triggers affect the decision making process. By understanding these, we can influence decision making by removing negative triggers that act as barriers and adding positive triggers that move customers through the sales funnel.

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