Alexa, How do I Optimize for Voice Search?

For years, marketers have been preparing businesses for a rising trend in voice searches. It’s now 2021, and gone are the days where being proactive is an option. Voice search continues to gain popularity not only because of the growth of smart speakers and devices but also because the speed to search is much faster. A recent study showed that with voice search you can search 110-150 words per minute, compared to 38-40 by typing[1].Continue Reading »

How to Measure the Success of Your SEO Efforts

If we time-traveled back to the late 1990s, as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was first becoming a viable digital marketing strategy, you would barely recognize the tactics being used. Tactics like keyword stuffing, hidden text, and extra-long copy to boost word count were all employed to sway search engines.

Most marketers are now quick to recognize that the execution of SEO has evolved and these tactics no longer work. But what about measuring the success of your SEO efforts? For decades, page rankings and keyword rankings were the primary metrics, or key performance indicators (KPIs). The first questions one would ask is “where am I ranking for keyword X” or “what is the ranking of my website?”Continue Reading »