10 Ways to Incorporate Social Media into Your Trade Show

With much anticipation, trade show season is fast-approaching! There are many ways to boost your booth traffic and put your business out there before, during, and after the show. Integrating social media into your trade show and event marketing plan is a great way to enhance your business’ presence.

Our social media, promotional product, and trade show experts came together to create a solid list of ways you can incorporate social media into your next trade show.

  1. Find out what the trade show’s official hashtags and start following it a few weeks prior to the show to learn trends and connect with key players. Use the hashtag(s) during the show to promote your business’ presence. Consider incorporating a hashtag specific to your company in social posts as well.
  2. Create a teaser video of you at the show or you showing off a product to share prior to the show across social media platforms, especially YouTube.
  3. Do you have LinkedIn connections that you would like to personally invite to your booth? Send them a personal LinkedIn message and ask to connect in person at the event.
  4. Is your company sponsoring an event or a speaker at the show? Be sure to promote your involvement to your followers ahead of time on social media.
  5. Not all the photos you take and post have to be on the show floor. Photos after show hours or at special events can also be fun.
  6. Contests or giveaways can combine social media with visiting the booth in person. You could advertise a contest in your booth, have entries come through your Facebook page, and then have the winners come back to the booth to receive their prize.
  7. If you meet a customer who’s excited about your product, ask if you can take their photo or video, then share it as a testimonial on social media.
  8. After the show, go through your leads, business cards, and notes to see if there are people you met that you can connect with on LinkedIn, follow on Twitter or Instagram, or like their Facebook business page.
  9. Write a blog post about participating in the show and share on social media platforms.
  10. Follow up with your leads and connections via email and make sure you email includes links to all your social media accounts.

Social media has proven to be a great way to spread awareness of business’ and even increase sales. Need help preparing for your next trade show or event? Contact us today!