25 Social Media Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Social MediaAs you very well may know, it’s Millennium’s 25th anniversary! In honor of this excellent achievement, here are 25 social media tips for any small business:

  1. Get in the game. No matter what you’ve heard, social media is here to stay and you need to utilize its marketing powers.
  2. Ask someone for help if necessary when getting started. If you aren’t sure where to begin, reach out to a marketing agency like Millennium who can guide you through the process.
  3. Create a strategic social media marketing plan before you dive in. Don’t just assume that creating a Facebook account and posting here and there about your products and services will get you the results you’re looking for in the long run. Get advice, create a plan, and stick to it.
  4. Don’t spread yourself and your brand too thin. Don’t feel that you need to be on every social channel that’s available. It’s unrealistic and you’ll only do damage to your brand. Work with a marketing agency to discuss the channels that are best suited for your company. Are you information based? Product based? Do you have a lot of organic visual content? These are all questions to ask before you tackle your social media marketing initiatives.
  5. Choose appropriate usernames. Think about the logical Instagram username, or Twitter handle. What would make the social graphicmost sense within the allowed characters? Remember, you want to be recognizable and consistent as possible on all channels.
  6. Ensure the outlets you choose are branded properly. Nothing says novice like an improperly sized or laid out profile picture or banner.
  7. Fill out as much information as possible in the About portion of your profile. Don’t leave any stone unturned. Let visitors know exactly who you are, why you’re there, and why they should follow you.
  8. Remember the consumer. Don’t forget that your consumer is using their preferred social channels in their personal time. It’s a huge mistake to forget why they are logging into their accounts and spam them with information they don’t necessarily want or need to know.
  9. Content is King. Every post you publish should have an end goal, whether it’s sharing information about a product or service or simply to put a smile on consumer’s faces that they’ll associate with your brand. Don’t post just to post.
  10. Change up the medium. Don’t always post links, or only images, or only text. Switch it up to keep followers coming back for more.
  11. Utilize the #hashtag. Develop a strategic hashtag for your brand and use it.
  12. Utilize the #hashtag part 2. Monitor trending/popular hashtags and use them strategically to your benefit.
  13. Use images whenever possible. Use images with the majority of your Facebook posts and tweets. Visual graphics draw much more attention.
  14. Post consistently. Determine your posting capacity and stick to it. Posting once a week, every other week, or even worse, randomly here and there, will not drive engagement and will definitely not drive sales.
  15. Post consistently but don’t over post. Don’t spam your followers with 15 posts in a day. Understand each social media channel and post according to its best practices.
  16. Use analytics. They’re there for a reason. Use them.
  17. Post at the optimal times. Use analytics to determine the best time to post. Don’t post at 2 a.m. or randomly at 1 p.m. if most of your followers use social during 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.
  18. Manage your time effectively. Be realistic, if you don’t have the time it takes to run a successful social media marketing effort, hire someone who does. Agencies like Millennium are perfect for stepping in and making sure your social channels are being run properly and consistently, leaving you to do the work you do best.
  19. Don’t forget to interact. It’s important to interact with similar brands, local businesses, and industry leaders. Like other page’s content, share valuable posts, and tag other pages when strategically relevant.
  20. Foster engagement. If someone comments on your page, engage with them. Like their comment or retweet if positive, and respond accordingly.
  21. Do not delete negative comments. Unless the comment is racist, uses foul language, or is indecent, do not delete. Control the conversation instead.
  22. Respond to negativity. If someone provides a negative review or comment, it’s imperative that you respond quickly by acknowledging their post, apologizing, and directing the conversation offline by providing contact information or asking them to directly message your page.
  23. Ask questions. Ask your fans or followers what they think. Questions drive engagement. Engagement drives sales.
  24. Have a personality. Social media users want to feel connected to brands via social. Don’t talk at them. Have a personality and a brand persona.
  25. When in doubt, ask for help. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, or you’ve had a Facebook page for 2 years, if you’re not seeing the results you’d like, ask for help. Agencies like Millennium have experts on staff who can help you drive your social in the direction best for your business and ultimately drive sales and increase your ROI.

This list is not everything you need to know but it’s definitely a start! If you have questions about your social media efforts or would like some tips on how to get started just email Millennium at info@mm4solutions.com today!