Your Brand is More Than Just a Logo. Your Promotional Products Should Be Too.

Your brand is much more than just a logo. It is crucial to integrate your brand’s story, values, and company culture into all your marketing efforts. More than ever, brand authenticity matters, and your audience wants to do business with brands they share values with.

Incorporating Brand Values into Personalized Corporate Items Makes a Stronger Connection

Use Values or Mission Statements in Promotional Products

By incorporating your company values and culture into your promotional products instead of just your logo, you’re allowing customers and employees to identify with those values as their own. They’ll be much more likely to use the product, and forge a stronger bond with your brand as a result.

Promotional products are one of the most effective ways of getting your message into the world. Consider using more of your imprint space by incorporating brand values, strategic messages, and celebrating what makes your brand stand out.

More Tips For Branding Your Promotional Products

Use Your Logo Logically

Not all products are worthy of your name. Consider how long will your specific product be used. For example, if you are handing out candy with your logo, how do you keep it memorable if the product will be gone in an instant? Our experts say to brand disposable items with finesse or not at all, saving your marketing dollars for items that have a more lasting impact.

This doesn’t mean one-time-use gifts like candy don’t have tremendous value — only that it’s important to balance your efforts by also providing a more permanent brand impression to go along with them. Giving away coffee? Make sure you include a branded mug to go along with it. Use clear and clever messaging to gain your target audience’s attention!

Spotlight Your Services with Impactful Design

Let your clients and prospects know what you do at a glance without relying on a long text-only list. Consider using icons that highlight your services and incorporate them into the design.Call Out Services on Promotional Products with Design

Bigger Is Not Always Better

The best imprint size for your logo on a promotional product depends largely on the product being used, not just the maximum available imprint space. It’s often not best to completely maximize the size of your logo, as oversized logos have the same impression as ALL CAPS in an email. By sizing your logo to create the most appealing design (rather than simply maximizing space) you can create a more appealing product that your customers will want to use.
Correctly Size Your Logo on Promo Products


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