Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

Social Media IconsSocial media is undeniably a powerful force in marketing. With status updates, tweets, photos, and videos, people are constantly engaging whether they recognize it or not.

It’s difficult to determine which posts will get the most attention and how exactly to engage through a company page. Often times, posts on companies’ social media sites come off almost robotic and unnatural. Not only is this likely to turn off prospects, but it’s more likely to be overlooked. Millennium Marketing Solutions’ social marketing experts work hard to keep the buzz going about our clients in fun and creative ways. That’s why we’ve shared a list of the top social media do’s and don’ts for marketing your business.

happy emojiSocial Media Do’s
1. Do post daily, if possible. While promoting yourself with company accomplishments, blogs, and goals, be sure to share content that relates to common problems and solutions that your company can provide.
2. Do pay attention to analytics. You’ll be able to see when exactly your followers are most active and post accordingly.
3. Do share relevant information in regards to your industry. It’s not enough just to post about your company and what you can do for potential customers. In order to show you care, be sure to also spread any news, events, or updates.
4. Do have a personality. Boring posts often lead to unsatisfying results. Show that you’re excited about whatever you’re sharing. Don’t be afraid to throw in some relevant hashtags and emojis, but don’t overdo it.

sad emojiSocial Media Don’ts
1. Don’t neglect your social media accounts. Posting every other day won’t hurt your business, but neglecting to post for days or even months shows people that you don’t have an interest in sharing things, which can be off putting. Plus, if someone is reaching out to you via social media, you’ll want to make yourself available.
2. Don’t share too much. There is such a thing! You don’t want to overwhelm your followers.
3. Don’t follow everyone. It’s great that you gained a new follower, but you don’t need to follow back everyone who follows you.
4. Don’t like your own posts. Don’t “like” or “favorite” your own content.

While Millennium thoroughly enjoys promoting our clients through various social media outlets, we’re constantly learning new ways to engage. For example, we recently attended Polinger Company’s picnic, where employees, friends, and families came together with good food and fun activities. This was a great opportunity for us to partner with them to showcase this special event.

Polinger Company PicnicMany marketing agencies don’t extend themselves to on-site visits for parties and functions, but we are happy to. Not only did we get to connect and meet our clients face-to-face, but we also got to experience them outside of a work environment. Wanting to leave a long-lasting effect on social media, we brought along our camera and snapped tons of photos using a Polinger Company themed frame and signs that stressed the importance of friends and family within the company. This gave us great material for their social media, as photos tend to garner the most engagement. Even for various Instagram accounts, we are pleased to schedule on-site visits to take great photos, as Instagram is all about fun and the uniqueness of shots.

Polinger Company PicnicNowadays, social media is often the first thing people turn to for information. Your company’s social media image plays a significant role in how people view your company as a whole. There are countless ways to utilize various social media platforms, so don’t fall out of the loop! Millennium is here to help launch social media sites and effectively and creatively promote companies. Need some help? Contact us today at or 301.725.8000 and we’ll get you up and engaging!