Achieve Marketing Success in 2014 with Millennium’s 360° View

With the end of 2013 fast approaching, it’s time to think about your marketing strategy for 2014. Competition is only going to increase and businesses are going to do whatever it takes to get their message in front of as many eyes as possible.

Millennium believes the following 8 points will keep you ahead of your competition and help you achieve marketing success in 2014.

  1. Marketing Strategy – In today’s business environment, your marketing strategy must include both digital and traditional methods. Your clients use a wide range of media to gather their information, so you need to utilize a wide range of marketing initiatives to market your services and provide them a brand experience. Your company’s strategy plan is something that needs to be reviewed consistently to see how your strength’s and opportunities leverage versus’ your weaknesses and threats.
  2. Graphic Design – Think about the number of visuals/images that you saw in 2013 and you’ll understand just how big of a role design can play in your marketing strategy for 2014. With professional graphic design supporting your branded marketing strategy, you will make any initiative attractive and sharable.
  3. Search Engine Optimization – Search Engine Optimization has increased year over year for the past 10 years and doesn’t intend to slow down in 2014. To influence the chances of your company’s site getting to the first page of search engines and reaching potential clients, you need a targeted search marketing strategy that is continually analyzed, reviewed and modified since SEO is an on-going initiative.
  4. Social Media Marketing – A strong social media strategy should be central to your digital marketing initiatives. Not only is advertising growing on popular sites like Facebook, but alternative social media networks like Pinterest and Instagram have increased in popularity in 2013, and that will continue in 2014 based on the 8:1 rule (for every 1 sales-type post, you are posting 8 times with industry information). If you want your message to reach as many potential.
  5. Responsive Web Design – In order to meet the needs of a emerging audience in 2014, you will need a responsive website. This means you can display content unique to that user’s viewing platform and increase the chances of converting them into paying clients by ensuring they have an ideal experience when they navigate your site.
  6. Marketing Resource Center – In 2014, your marketing strategy should involve strengthening your relationship with internal and external clients, and you can do that with Millennium’s Digital Toolbox. This software solution can makes it easy for users within your organization to create unique content and imagery while reducing costs by automating certain marketing processes. The Digital Toolbox provides a greater degree of control on company branded material, all while increasing internal productivity.
  7. Printing – With the right printing solution, you can create attractive brochures and flyers to mail to existing customers as well as potentially new clientele. Whether you want to highlight upcoming events, showcase new products and services, or even offer coupons to bring existing customers back while also attracting new business, custom print solutions will allow you to do it.  Millennium print professionals can help you evaluate your 2013 projects and offer you digital printing options to help with your overall budget and spend.
  8. Promotional Products – Promotional products are an integral part of your 2014 marketing initiatives. By providing your clients with a wide range of promotional products that they find useful and convenient will make it easy to recruit and retain members, thank employees and guest speakers, and recognize executives. You have options that include pens, bags, clothing, and more! Whatever you choose, this will make it easier for you to stand out among your competition in the minds of your customers.

Adding these elements to your company’s marketing strategy, 2014 will be a productive year for your brand and company. Adopting the strategies outlined above will keep you ahead of the competition and stand out in your industry, no matter what you do.

For help on developing your 2014 marketing strategy and putting it into place, get in touch with Millennium Marketing Solutions today. We have built our reputation on helping businesses just like yours succeed and thrive in the ever changing marketplace.