Best SEO Tactics for 2019

The mission of Google and other search engines is to drive the most relevant search results to the user.  As such, search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important digital marketing strategies for 2019. Here are four tips for achieving stellar SEO results in the new year:

1. Useful Content

Your content strategy should be centered upon crafting content that your audience will find informative, helpful, and interesting. Content can be anything from a short industry update to an in-depth blog. Performing keyword research is a crucial step in developing strong content that answers a question people are searching for. Creating “fluff”, or content without significant value can hurt your website’s search ranking.

2. Mobile Friendly Websites

Google has been prioritizing mobile websites as more and more users are performing searches on their smartphones. Due to the popularity of mobile searches, Google instated a Mobile-First Indexing process that gives more search value to websites that have been configured to provide an excellent mobile user experience.

3. Page Speed

Page speed is a factor that contributes to your website’s ranking. The faster a page loads, the better your page should rank. Websites that load fast provide a positive user experience and result in higher conversions. The bottom line is people want the information they are looking for as fast as possible!

4. Schema Tags

Schema tags help identify what a page is about and what is most important on it. There are over 600 types of schema information that can be placed on a website and should only be added to the most significant content so that search engines find it quickly.

The internet is a competitive landscape and you’ll want to come out on top in 2019!  If your business’s website is in need of an SEO “checkup”, contact our Digital Marketing team who possess numerous Google certifications and can help bring your site up to the most current standards.