3 Reasons Why You Should Bid on Branded Keywords

Our digital marketing team is constantly asked, “If my organic results are at the top of the page, why do we need to use our PPC budget on branded keywords?” This is an excellent question because in a perfect world, having your site at the top of the page organically would be enough. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The following three examples are why you should bid on branded keywords.

1. Your Competition Is Bidding on Your Name, so Should You

Competitors have the ability to bid on your own brand terms (stay tuned for part 2 of this blog) which could result in them stealing valuable clicks away from you. Below is an example of this:

Why You Should Bid on Branded Keywords - screenshot

In this case, if Shopify had not chosen to bid on their own branded keywords their competitor Volusion would be the first result users see when searching for the branded term “Shopify.” By bidding on your own branded keywords, you prevent this from happening at a very low cost to you. It provides a great safety net to make sure you are not allowing potential customers to “slip through the cracks.”

2. First Impressions Are Everything: Take Control of Your Messaging

Another great reason why you should bid on your branded keywords is to control the brand messaging that your potential visitors will be viewing. This not only means in your ad text, but in the landing page after your prospect clicks on the ad. Here at Millennium we like to take advantage of this especially for clients that have a website not conducive to moving the prospect down the funnel. By doing this, you achieve a seamless user experience for the end consumer.

Why You Should Bid on Branded Keywords - sales funnel3. Don’t Miss an Opportunity to Capture High Quality Leads

The final, and possibly most important, reason to bid on your branded keywords is making sure you capture high quality leads. More than likely the people searching for your company directly have taken the time to do research before reaching this point. They are ready to take action. Be sure you are there to reach when they do, don’t let them slide through your grasp and choose a competitor. Reach them in their time of need with the proper messaging and reap the rewards of your hard work.

It is ultimately your decision whether you want to bid on your own branded keywords or not. If you have a very limited budget and want to allocate your funds elsewhere by all means do what you believe will help you achieve the best ROI. However, at Millennium our philosophy is to move forward with choosing to bid on branded keywords as well as general search terms to provide an all-encompassing Google AdWords strategy for our clients!

If you do find that this is something that fits your needs (majority of the time it is) or need assistance doing the research, the digital experts here at Millennium would love to help! Feel free to contact us directly at seo-dept@mm4solutions.com with any questions you may have.