Are There Benefits to Blogging?

It takes timeBenefits to Blogging to write a blog and post it on your website, but blogs are more beneficial to your business than you think. Regardless if you are a small business, or a multinational company, blogging is integral to your online content marketing strategy.

So what makes blogging so beneficial?

1. Blogs drive traffic to your website

In today’s digital-driven world, one of your main marketing goals must be to increase website visitors/sessions. Think about how many pages there are currently on your website. Now, think about how many times you’ve updated those pages. Not often, right? Of course, many of the pages don’t necessarily need any updating, such as your “About Us” page, however, blogging will help with this by keeping your website fresh with new content so your visitors will engage with you.

Every time you write a blog post, it’s one more indexed page on your website, meaning it’s one more opportunity for the blog to show up in the search engines and drive organic traffic to your website. Search engines love fresh content. Google’s whole purpose is to provide their customers with relevant and useful search results, so by providing new and informative content, your website is more likely to rank higher, making it easier for people to find you.

2. Blogs can increase your engagement on social media

Blogging helps maintain the “buzz” about your company and services via social media, where people are constantly sharing content. Every time you write a blog post, you’re creating content that people can easily share on various social media platforms, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest. By sharing your posts via various networks, you are exposing and engaging your business to new audiences and potentially new customers.
Along with sharing your blogs on various social media platforms, it’s important to include share buttons on each blog page. This way, if people are reading your content and want to share it on their own social media page, they can, which is just more exposure for you.

3. Blogs will establish authority

Some of the most successful business blogs answer the most common questions their leads and clients have. If you present content that’s helpful for your customer, it’ll help establish your company as an subject matter expert (SME) in that specific industry.

Once prospects find the answers to their questions through your various blog posts that were written by your company, they’re more likely to come into the sales funnel trusting what you have to offer.

Don’t think you have enough to write about? Here are some more tips:

  • Research 
    • Spend a couple of hours surfing the web and check out what your competitors are writing about or sharing.
  • Network
    • What are some things that your customers commonly ask you about? Consider touching on frequent questions or concerns as an ideal blog topic.
  • Tools
    • You could use keyword research tool to find topics that your target audience are searching for.
  • News 
    • Keep up-to-date with news in your industry or just local events. These are great topics to write about because they show that you’re well-informed.

Millennium does all of these services for various clients. Our content marketers carefully and skillfully produce content that’s guaranteed to wow customers on a daily basis.
Of course, these tactics are just to name a few, as there are many more benefits to business blogging. You might be opting out of blogging just because you simply don’t have the time for it. That’s where Millennium comes in! We write, edit, and post blogs on our client’s behalf. Contact us today and our team will get you started blogging!