Great Landing Pages = High Conversions

What is a landing page, you may ask?

A landing page is the page a visitor arrives at on your website after clicking an ad found in a search engine results page (SERP). Landing pages display specials or offers all while being tailored to a specific audience. It’s important for them to provide a quality experience that will drive conversions with a targeted message that matches what the visitor is searching for.

What exactly makes a great landing page? Our Google Certified team is here to walk you through the process.

1. Determine the goal

It’s important to come up with the goal of your landing page. What’s the purpose of it? What are you trying to accomplish? You might want visitors to sign up for your newsletter, fill out a form, or purchase something. Either way, the first step for any strategy is determining goals.

Some common measurement goals of landing pages are the following:

  • Transactions: actual purchase of the product or service being offered
  • Leads: consumer interest or inquiry into the product or services being offered
  • Sign Ups: sign up for a special offer by providing an email address
  • Clicks: amount of clicks a landing page receives
  • Social Engagement: measurement of how many people click on social links or feeds
  • PDF Download: measurement of how many people download or engage with whatever document there is to download, whether it’s a product brochure, white paper, or eBook
  • Video Views: measurement of how many times a video displayed was viewed
  • Phone Calls: tracking phone calls received from landing page urging to call the business

2. Check out your competition

It never hurts to check out your competitors. What are their practices? How are they appealing to the audience? Do they seem to be successful? If what your competitors are doing seems to be working, it’s good to keep that in mind when preparing your landing page.

3. Provide high-quality content

You don’t want your landing page to be too content heavy. However, this isn’t to say you should skimp out on the content, either. Your landing page should be an experience that instills confidence in the visitor, so your content should be rich, informative, and relevant. Photos and product images are essential.

Great Landing Pages for High Conversions

In the example above, we designed and created a landing page for one of our clients, Symphony Center, an apartment community in Baltimore, Maryland. Showcasing a special offer, we’ve outlined several features of this landing page, such as its form to fill out, clear call-to-action (CTA), a video, and contact information.

4. Don’t forget mobile

Make sure your landing page uses best practices and loads well on various platforms. We would recommend using a mobile-friendly responsive page design. These days, you can’t be sure which platform someone may be using. Whether it’s an iPad, Android device, or large screen computer, make sure it’s going to look great.

5. Best practices in programming

The page should use modern practices and that it loads quickly. People won’t wait around for your site to load–it’s easy to press the back button and find a competitor with a faster website. Finally, it is a great idea to use “Secure Sockets Layer” (SSL) to load the page. This not only adds to the security of the page, but it also lends credibility to your brand.

6. Use trust indicators

It’s important to make people feel at ease when they visit your website. Testimonials from customers are a great way to accomplish this. Quotes from your actual clients can give a boost whether they are  in text form or video. Just make sure they are relatable and credible. You can also add trust seals from industry groups, manufacturers, organizations and government agencies to boost people’s confidence in your ability to serve their needs.

7. Make it easy to convert

One of your primary goals should be to make it as easy as possible for visitors to convert, providing little distance between points A and B. There should be a clear CTA, whether it’s present in the headline text or in the form of a button.

Need help with your landing page? Our team employs these techniques everyday for our clients. Contact us today!