Bringing Hidden Treasure to Life: Papa’s Pilar® Lost Cask Rum

Our friends at Papa’s Pilar® Rum asked us to help bring their limited edition rum to life with packaging that would reflect the story and essence of the brand. Papa’s Pilar® Rum is an ultra-premium, artisan-crafted rum inspired by Ernest “Papa” Hemingway. Papa was an author, explorer, storyteller, conservationist, bon vivant and Key West local, who is celebrated for what he was not: a spectator.

The Task

Just as Ernest Hemingway rediscovered a trunk full of his writings at the Hotel Ritz in Paris, Papa’s Pilar uncovered 3 bourbon barrels resting with their Blonde rum for over 3 years. They turned the discovery into a limited release rum, exclusively available at their Brand Home at the Papa’s Pilar Distillery in Key West and named the “Lost Cask Limited Edition.” Millennium was tasked with creating a finishing touch for the Lost Cask Rum packaging as unique and refined as Hemingway himself. The challenge was to create packaging that would be special, match the rest of the brand, all while having it done in time for a special event in honor of Hemingway’s birthday.

The Solution

The dog tag concept was developed by the brand as a collector’s item,  a subtle nod to Hemingway’s time in WWI, while adorning their bottle, an exact replica of a WWII canteen. Additionally, to effectively communicate the Lost Cask story and exclusivity, the dog tags each had a unique serial number with information to highlight the established date and bottle number— all important bits of information for collectors and connoisseurs.

Instead of using a generic promotional product, Millennium had a custom dog tag made. Similar to the process of making fine jewelry, the finished mold was put into use after several revisions to perfect the final product. After melted metal was poured into each mold, the serial number was laser-etched. Then the dog-tag was dipped into a finishing metal, polished, and rubbed with an antique finish⁠— all by hand and in time for Hemingway’s island-wide birthday celebration.

The Results

After a buzzworthy release, the Lost Cask Limited Edition Rum has completely sold outVisit Papa’s Pilar’s website to learn more about the brand’s interesting history and dive into Ernest Hemingway’s epic story. And before we move on to our next adventure let’s raise a glass to well-crafted spirits and the product execution to match! Cheers.