Solution Spotlight: Customized, User-Friendly Chatbots

Your website’s user experience might be excellent for one user, and painful for another, depending on how they prefer to find information. That’s why it’s essential to give users options to let them find answers and make contact the way they prefer.

For many customers, making a phone call is too inconvenient. But they still expect an easy way to ask simple questions, to discuss and discover more about the brands they interact with — without having to browse every page of a website.

When it comes to bigger decisions, like leasing an apartment, it’s essential that this first conversation is smooth, helpful, and convenient. That’s where modern chatbots like BetterBot come in. When several Landex apartment communities were looking to make it easier to strike up a conversation with potential residents, Millennium Marketing Solutions was there with an answer.


Customized, User-Friendly Chatbots

By installing a customized, user-friendly chatbot using BetterBot, Millennium was able to help the leasing teams on-site at residential communities cut down on unnecessary phone calls while increasing qualified leads for leases.

The bots, which usually appear in the bottom corner, can be customized with a unique avatar. Since art is essential to the residential communities Artisan 4100 and Studio 3807, the design team created music note and paintbrush avatars.

The bot, which appears on the page as soon as the site loads, prompts users to schedule a tour, check availability and discover specials that may be running. The bot scrapes the website it’s servicing for answers to frequently asked questions. Users can also click on the avatar, which will open up a small window with options like 3D tours, contact me, and neighborhood information.

Users get the benefit of easy access to information, while communities get better-qualified leads. If users are spending time and giving information to the chatbot, they are more likely to be a qualified lead for the leasing team. It also gives the communities an easier way to collect emails and phone numbers to create a secondary line of communication.

If you’d like to learn more about chatbots and how they can help your business, contact our team today.