Solution Spotlight: Save Time, Reduce Errors, and Ensure Brand Consistency with Company Stores

Oasis Marinas has roughly 30 marinas branched out across the country with different needs at any different time of the year. This can make ordering promotional products and other marketing materials a hassle, especially if it’s coming out of one office but heading to another. It can be overwhelming for just one contact to manage all of the shipping, tracking, purchasing, invoicing. It can also create inconsistent branding across a company.

Oasis Marinas wanted an easier way to ship their can koozies — popular with boaters and sold at each location. Oasis Marinas would order a large quantity to their headquarters and then ship them out from there, based on demand at other locations. This would create massive amounts of paperwork and shipping.

But that’s when the simple solution of a company store made life incredibly easy for Oasis Marinas and their marinas split across the country.

The Solution: Centralized Company Stores

By working together with Millennium Marketing Solutions, Oasis Marinas was able to create a centralized, online store that can be specific to each one of their marinas so that promotional products and other marketing materials for clients and teams that work at the marinas are easier than ever to acquire. Here’s how it works:

Custom Company Store
Customized company stores, like this one for Oasis Marinas, save time, cut back on paperwork, reduce errors, and ensure brand consistency.
  • Preapproved users can order for individual locations. The items available are tailored to each location.
  • The user can select from different goods and select from different preapproved artwork that represents their brand. Delivery time is cut down because products ordered through the store have already been set up for production.
  • When the order is placed, they are sent directly to the marina they are meant for.
  • Budgets can be controlled and allocated to different users or departments. Pricing is also typically better since vendors provide better pricing programs for products offered in Millennium online stores.

From the can koozies, the stores grew to other goods like lip balm, lanyards, hand sanitizer, and more due to the rapid success of the goods with customers. For each product, Millennium works with the client and the manufacturers to provide options. Then the client chooses the product they want, Millennium works with the manufacturer to have the items created and when they are purchased, they are shipped out within a few days to the client. This saves time, cuts back on paperwork, reduces errors, and ensures brand consistency.

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