Solution Spotlight: Creating a Sub-Brand Architecture

First impressions last a lifetime. Your company’s logo is the first introduction of your brand to clients, customers, and even the competition. But how do you get a cohesive look when your brand grows and needs separate divisions or locations identified in its logo? How do you tie different elements of your brand neatly together?

This was the challenge facing Waypoints Yacht Charters as they developed new locations across the globe — adding visual identities for each unique location while keeping branding cohesive and consistent, to make that first impression last.

The Solution: Endorsed Brand Architecture

Waypoints Yacht Charters is growing quickly. The company recently acquired the established charter company Sailing Florida Charters & Sailing School and will open a new base in the British Virgin Islands in November. These new locations will join the existing Waypoints Annapolis base.

To keep all of the branding for Waypoints on point with a boutique, luxurious, and personalized feel across all sub-brands, Millennium created an Endorsed Brand architecture. The endorsed brand architecture places heavy emphasis on the parent brand while still allowing some room for customization of the brand across all divisions.

Waypoints logos

Waypoints Yacht Charters has a two-toned blue W with a two-toned map pin in the center. The primary brand uses shades of grey in the map pin. For each of its brand locations, the shades of blue are used for the font, but different colors are used to differentiate destination bases. For the Annapolis brand, there are shades of gold — similar to those found at the U.S. Naval Academy. For the BVIs location, teals are used in the map pin to remind customers of the teal waters they’ll be sailing on. For the Florida location, the oranges of Gulf sunsets are used.

From there, these colors set the tone for branding. Promotional items, apparel, social media, websites, and beyond can now use both the shades of blue and the colors that are unique to each base.

Remove the color from each one of the sub-brand’s map pins and you still have an iconic logo that you instantly recognize as “Waypoints Yacht Charters.”

These small, but important differences, help each brand stand apart while remaining connected with the rest of the company.

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Correction: An earlier version of this post incorrectly stated that Waypoints’ BVI location was an acquisition of another charter company. Waypoints’ BVI location is a new base.