Creepy or Effective: Do Remarketing Ads Work? remarketingI was shopping for a crockpot the other day. I kept hearing all of the great benefits of crockpot-cooking: the set it and forget it process, the convenience of cooking a couple of meals in one shot, and the relatively inexpensive price for all of the use you can get out of it. I go to, start looking around, reading reviews, comparing prices, etc. Then life gets in the way and I have to turn my attention elsewhere.

An hour or so later, I’m distracted again by Facebook, and what do I see? An ad for one crockpot I spent a particularly long time looking over. I wasn’t even thinking about it, but now that I saw it again, all the feelings of why I was searching in the first place came back to me. I clicked the ad and completed my purchase.

What is Remarketing?

In an era where it is increasingly difficult to convert visitors into leads/customers on the first visit, remarketing bridges the gap between interest and action.

Remarketing campaigns allow advertisers to reach customers who have visited their website, and display text or image ads on other sites across the web in order to encourage them to come back and complete an action. Online retailers use remarketing when a shopper has abandoned their shopping cart without completing a purchase. Professional service websites may remarket to customers who took the time to learn about their business, but did not sign up for their services.

Remarketing is a great tool for any online business. There are a number of different platforms that make launching and managing remarketing campaigns easy.

Remarketing Ad StatisticsRemarketing Through AdWords

Google AdWords can help you set up remarketing audience lists, segment by specific user actions, and create pay per click campaigns to reach that audience on Google’s extensive network of partners. Your potential customers will see your ad on websites like CNN, ESPN, Yelp, and many more. Measure performance, and adjust campaign settings to ensure you are getting the best results for your remarketing campaign.

Remarketing Through Social

Facebook and other social networks now have powerful advertising tools that allow advertisers to engage with audiences. Because an overwhelming majority of online time is spent using social media, leveraging these tools has become more important than ever. Advertisers can segment website visitors, create remarketing lists, and even find new potential customers through “look-a-like” lists that find people with similar online behavior.

Tips for Effective Remarketing

  • Create segmented audiences based on user behavior: Remarket according to specific actions, instead of to a global list
  • Tailor graphics & messaging accordingly: Make the your creative specific to the actions the visitor has taken, or not taken, on your website
  • Set caps on the number of impressions a user sees: Don’t hammer them with ads. Quality is more important than quantity here.
  • Offer incentives for people to return: Leverage the power of “free” to catch people’s attention and incent them to convert.
  • Timing is everything: Use attribution and engagement metrics to measure when is the right time to follow up with your customers.
  • Be creative: There are tons of things online, all fighting for our attention. Be creative with your ads, and stand out from the rest!

Are You Ready to Reengage Your Audience?

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