Solution Spotlight: Custom-Designed Slide Decks

By now, you’ve probably adapted to working from home. You’ve set up the perfect home office. You have your routine down pat, and you might even have stopped wearing pajama pants and started putting on real pants every day. But have you adjusted your sales pitch?

While you’ve adjusted your work habits, you may not have adjusted how you showcase your work and deliver your pitch to prospects and customers — making sure it’s optimized for their new remote work environment.



As more sales pitches are conducted virtually, the presentation you share on your screen is more critical than ever. Turn those boring Powerpoints into something that is memorable, marketable, and customized for your brand. Here are some examples and tips on how we can help you take your slide decks to the next level.

Custom Slide Deck PresentationsUnique Design. A custom digital slide deck adds identity and uniqueness to your brand to set it apart from competitors. Skip using the presets that PowerPoint or Google Slides offers and create something memorable. Slideshows don’t have to include just text and images. Mix it up. Include videos designed specifically for your company to showcase your work.

Versatility for Multiple Slide Platforms. Everyone has experienced at least one technology gaff within the last year. Be prepared! Make sure that your Powerpoint can work well in Google Slides. And don’t forget about Mac users. Spotcheck to make sure it functions properly with transitions in Keynote or other software. This doesn’t just go for slide decks. Make sure your sell sheets are available in PDF format that’s friendly for your audience.

Reach Your Audience. You already know that tailoring your presentation for your audience is essential, but remember that your goal should be to deliver your service in a way that will evoke emotion so that your customers will remember you. Get them to buy in with emotion, not boring slides. You want to leave a positive impression and one of the simplest ways to do that is to make sure the deck is easily available in your Thank You Email.

If your Powerpoint skills aren’t the sharpest or you want to just get more advice on how to make your brand more marketable, our team is happy to help accomplish what you need.