Moving Towards A Faster Web & More — December 2019 Digest

As part of Millennium’s mission to help our clients achieve their business goals through marketing, we’ve created the Millennium Digital Digest, curated by our team of Google certified digital marketing experts to summarize the most important recent digital marketing trends.

What You Should Know — December 2019

Think With Google’s 10 Most Read Articles of 2019

A round-up within a round-up? That’s META! SEO jokes aside, Think With Google’s round-up is incredibly helpful for figuring out what trends or changes resonated with other businesses. The collection of articles include tips for video advertising, brand building, improved marketing results, and much more. Make sure to check this one out if you want to ensure your company outpaces its competition. [Read More]

Moving Towards A Faster Web

Optimizing your web pages for faster loading has been a best practice for years now, but it seems that the team at Chrome really wants to drive the point home. Chrome will start making sure users know when a site might load slowly, while further rewarding sites that load quickly. Since Chrome is by far the most popular web browser, it’s even more critical to make sure your web pages load fast. [Read More]

Google Launches American Sign Language Support

Designing accessibility options for people with disabilities has really caught on in 2019, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Google is further accelerating accessibility-first design with a recent addition of American Sign Language to its disability support. While this change doesn’t directly affect your business (yet!), marketers believe it may indicate a shift in how Google ranks accessible websites on the search engine results page. [Read More]

10 Important 2020 SEO Trends You Need To Know

SEO is constantly evolving. Search Engine Journal’s collection of key SEO trends for 2020 show that user experience is only getting more important. Find out how changes in search engine technology will affect your content strategy, customer service, and more. [Read More]

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