Customer Communication Strategies and More — Digital Digest, October 2020

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As people change, adopt new tools for work and entertainment, and adjust to their lives, your marketing must change to meet them. Keeping up with every tool, trend, and opportunity is a lot to do while running a small business, especially in 2020. The Millennium Digital Digest is designed to keep you up-to-date on the latest tools & trends, help you meet your customers where they are, and put you ahead of the competition.

What You Should Know — October 2020

Don’t Blindly Copy Top Sites

In a competitive niche, it can be tempting to copy what your more successful competitors are doing. Maybe they have a specific page structure or type of content that seems to be the silver bullet behind their success. But before you copy, Google’s John Mueller suggests thinking about the needs of your specific site and users. After all, you won’t know if your competitors are succeeding in spite of their unique tactics. You may end up more successful doing something completely different.
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Customer Communication Strategies During the Pandemic

Buyer behavior has changed as customers spend more time at home and as businesses move major operations to online channels. But you already knew that. However, these changes have created less obvious consequences for customer communication. For example, 59% of customers find that messaging a business provides a faster response than traditional channels. And when most consumers prioritize speed and convenience, it may be important to revisit how you’re getting in touch with them.
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How 4 Powerhouse Brands Mastered Social Media

Social media can be a small business’s best friend or a complete waste of time — depending on how you use it. This case study round-up explains how four brands managed to use social media to grow their business, and how you can too. While the takeaways for each are unique to the company, there is a pattern — you have to do more than just sell. Many people on social media aren’t there to be sold to. Connecting with potential customers and the people they trust will make your social media strategy much more effective.
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Digital Ad Spend Continues to Grow

Traditional media — like linear TV, radio, and direct mail — has continued to hold on to large budgets from established companies. However, a combination of growing digital channels and the ongoing pandemic may cause a shift in coming years. Traditional media channels are expected to be down by 8% in 2020, while digital ad spends are expected to be up by 6%. While you shouldn’t necessarily follow the crowd in marketing, it is important to know where they’re headed. Where is your company spending?
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