Digital Summit 2016 Recap

Digital Summit 2016On Tuesday, September 20, Millennium Marketing Solutions’  Directors of Creative and Client Services attended the Digital Summit 2016 at Arena Stage in Washington, DC for a day of inspirational keynote presentations on the latest and greatest in Digital Marketing.


Discussing the latest trends, best practices, and hot topics, the event was condensed into sessions that resonate with modern marketers. Topics discussed included the trends in social media marketing, such as Snapchat for businesses, the future of SEO concerning anticipated changes with Google, how to incorporate humor to elevate yourds1 - Digital Summit 2016 brand, how to use an agile marketing approach to optimize your website, and how to combine content and design to significantly increase conversions among many others.

While I’m working on getting Google Certified, the information that I learned there really helped me expand my knowledge and gain a better understanding of what our Digital Marketing team does. I can now apply that information from a design perspective.

I would say that the most significant initiatives that I took away from the Digital Summit was how to manage your data well and ensure that you are utilizing it effectively to target prospects. What really stood out to me was the emphasis on the ability to “Tell a Story” with your marketing. When selling your products and services, content is key. Present your audience with information that applies to them and their circumstances while helping them understand what you are selling in a way that motivates your visitor.

ds2 - Digital Summit 2016We can all agree that technology is changing rapidly and especially for marketers, it’s important to keep in mind for now and the future. The way people are searching and buying are completely different from even a few months ago. For example, companies such as Amazon give you buttons to push or a speaker to talk into when you want to buy or find something online. People have shorter attention spans in this fast-paced society due to the consistent rise in new technologies, so you need to make your point and make it fast no matter the medium. I gathered a lot of useful information that I’m excited to apply to our daily routine and projects with clients. 

Millennium Marketing Solutions can always coming together to not only learn from one another, but also attending various conferences to really gain new perspectives. While we’re growing and expanding our knowledge across all aspects of marketing to better represent our clients, contact us today and learn how we help you with your specific marketing needs!