Direct Mail: The Evergreen Marketing Tactic

Here at Millennium, we are focused on continuing to stay ahead of the marketing trends, but one trend that has had true staying power in the marketing world over the years is direct mail and it’s only increasing. According to the US Postal Service*:


It is also proven that direct mail reaches the head of house, who is usually the purchasing decision maker, in areas such as everyday spending, current and ongoing service expenditures, and exploring new products and services not yet utilized by the household. These individuals are easily reached via mail correspondence and are likely to make decisions based on the printed offers and information they receive daily.

Color printing at Millennium Marketing SolutionsHere at Millennium, we can help you reach these household influencers by working with you to create the most eye-catching and beautifully produced printed materials that are in-line with your branding and company specifications. Earlier this year, we announced the introduction of our iGen4 and Impressia Digital Multi-Media Printer, and we’re excited to work with you to showcase their capabilities.

Our Impressia Digital press exhibits multi-bit print engine that allows for outstanding color and print quality as well as sharpness, clarity and color quality with a resolution up to 2400. With its speed and efficiency, it can cut production time and lower costs on your job while still creating gorgeous full-color prints.

shutterstock_111678470Our iGen4 produces commercial quality color prints using technologies such as Auto Carrier Dispense, Auto Density Control and the Inline Spectrophotometer which are incredible capabilities that are completely state-of-the-art. The iGen4 is also unique because it is considered “green” technology due to the fact that 97% of its components are able to be recycled, all dry inks are non-toxic and no alcohols, chlorinated solvents or acids are used.

Here at Millennium we will assist you with the entire process, from concept and design, through to the physical printing process ensuring your project is completed in an efficient manner while remaining within your budget. Our Marketing and Design team will bring your creative ideas to life, and with the help of our iGen4 and Impressia printers, catapult your brand to the next level.

Contact Millennium to learn what our Impressia and iGen4 can do for your next print campaign or email today to request your direct mail sample packet.

*Click here for more information about these statistics.