Fall into These Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing encompasses a variety of intricate components and mediums, which all function to reel in business. While marketing will forever be a driving force in how companies grow and gain success, its many components are constantly changing with new technologies and trends.

Staying on top of the latest trends in digital marketing, Millennium is always incorporating various tactics for our clients. Whether that means implementing a new way of web design or utilizing a new social media feature in order to better engage with the target audience. We’re constantly learning new ways to market businesses and help them grow. We have outlined a few trends in digital marketing that are not only popular, but also effective.


1. Video Content
While written content is highly effective and will remain so, video content often outperforms written content in terms of reach, engagement, effectiveness, and ROI. Video content, if hosted on YouTube can show up in search results and has a higher chance to go viral than any other form of content. More and more, we are implementing YouTube videos for various clients. For example, we recently launched a YouTube video for 4000 Massachusetts Avenue in partnership with Google.

2. Mobile Optimization
Mobile searches are critical now more than ever, and we don’t anticipate that ending any time soon. While the majority of searches are done through mobile devices, it is especially important for websites and landing pages to be mobile-friendly.

3. Shareability
Social media plays a significant role in SEO. One of its many features allows users to share content across various social networks. While we’ve been able to share content on social media for years now, it has become critical for search engines.

Social Media:

1. Live Streaming Video
Facebook Live came out recently this year, and since then, it has taken social media and the Internet by storm. Live streaming provides a much more authentic side of businesses. This new way of engaging on Facebook allows you to play live videos that will not only show up on your timeline, but will also appear in your friends’ news feeds so they watch you as you’re filming. They can even comment on your live video and you respond while filming. Millennium recently took advantage of Facebook Live videos. These live videos starring one of our team members compared the YETIⓇ tumbler with our imprinted tumbler. We compared how long each could hold ice without melting and keep a drink nice and cold. After eight hours, each had the same amount of ice in them without any ice cubes melted, proving that our tumbler, which is half the price and you can get your logo on is a better option than the YETIⓇ one.

2. Snapchat Filters
Since Snapchat’s inception in 2011, it has steadily remained one of the top social networks. While user’s photos only last for 10 seconds, they can create a Snapchat Story, which contains multiple Snaps throughout the day. Even more recently, Snapchat has introduced a variety of lenses and filters to employ effects to pictures.

3. Instagram Stories
Millennium has recently launched several Instagram accounts for various clients. Understanding the importance of Instagram in the realm of social media marketing, Instagram Stories just launched in early August. This new feature, similar to Snapchat Stories, lets users share all the moments of their day, not just the ones they want to keep on their profile. You can share multiple photos and videos as they appear together in a slideshow format.

Web Design:

1. The Hamburger Menu
The hamburger menu is a symbol consisting of three parallel horizontal lines (☰) that is generally used as a menu button of pages or options on websites. It’s often displayed in top left or right of a website. Below is an example of the hamburger menu on Facebook on mobile


2. Rich Animations
Animations are used to make a website more visually-appealing, making the user’s experience more interactive and entertaining. Here are some of the most popular animation techniques:

  • Loading animations
  • Hover animations
  • Galleries and slideshows
  • Motion animations
  • Scrolling
  • Background animations/videos

3. Responsive Design
Responsive web design refers to how the mobile-friendliness of a website. In our technology-based society, it’s important for websites to be able to adjust to a smaller screen, such as a mobile device or tablet without hindering the content and images displayed. Google uses mobile-friendliness as one of the over 200 ranking factors, meaning that if a website is mobile-friendly, it may rank higher in the search results.

Marketing is constantly changing and it’s important to stay up-to-date with advancements, new features, and trends. Something could become a groundbreaking trend within seconds, which is why the creative team here at Millennium is always learning new things and spreading the news! Contact us today and we’ll help your business capitalize on the latest trends in digital marketing!