Gmail Advertising: A Huge Step Forward for Display Ads

If you use Gmail as your personal email account, you probably have noticed the new advertisements that appear above your inbox. These innovative ads are an extremely interesting addition to the digital marketing arsenal for several reasons. This post will explain the ads and give some insights as to why they are so worthwhile and how to connect with your target audience.

Anatomy of a Gmail Ad

Gmail AdGmail ads initially appear in the target user’s email accounts as a collapsed message at the top of their promotions feed. The ads look similar to a regular Gmail message, but they do have a few differences, the main one being that there is a yellow “Ad” moniker next to the sender name, along with a lower-case “i” in a circle. They also have another distinction: they do not have a checkbox or “important” icon next to them like all other messages do.

If the message catches the user’s attention enough for them to open it, the advertiser is charged for the click. The user will be greeted by a large format HTML or graphic ad that can be clicked to a landing page, forwarded, saved, or dismissed. All of these actions are recorded for analysis and optimization by the advertiser.

Targeting Your Ads

Google Cloud PlatformThe real magic of Gmail ads is in the targeting. For the most part, you have the same targeting options that advertisers have for other kinds of display advertising. Ads can be targeted to remarketing lists, demographics including age, sex, and parental status, and user interests as determined by Google. But the true innovation is the fact that advertisers can target ads based on keywords found in users’ email. That alone is truly innovative and definitely opens the door to target many people that would be difficult to market to otherwise. However, there is something even more interesting: it’s possible to target people by who they receive email from. For example, if you wanted to reach people who love high-end jewelry, you could include as a target. The possibilities are endless when you realize that your target audience may be getting newsletter emails or sales messages from competitors or trade groups that may contain your target audience. Note that your target group must draw a large enough audience or Google will not be able to run the ads.

Gmail Ad Cost

The best news is that running Gmail ads is not expensive.  Although costs can vary for some audiences, on average, advertisers are paying about $0.20 cents per click for the ads at this writing. This makes them a very cost effective way to reach audiences that may otherwise be very difficult to reach.

Get Started With Gmail Ads

If you’re interested in getting started with Gmail ads or other kinds of online marketing, contact the digital marketing team. Millennium Marketing Solutions is a full service digital marketing company in Maryland. We are certified Google Partner’s, which means you’ll know you’re getting help from a company recognized by Google for its excellence.