Google Core Algorithm Update Rolling Out

Google has released a broad core algorithm update, starting September 24 and rolling out over the next few days. Google releases several “core updates” a year, but only announces these updates when they anticipate website rankings to be affected. Wondering how to prepare? Here’s a quick summary of what Google says website owners and digital marketers should know about the updates:

  • Core updates are wide in the sense that nothing particular is targeted. Rather, they are intended to enhance how Google’s systems assess content.
  • The best way to deal with the new algorithm update is to produce great content people will want to consume. Focus on original content backed by insightful analysis that is beyond the obvious.
  • Some sites may notice falls or gains in search rankings. 
  • A page dropping in rankings means it’s been re-evaluated against other new web content. It’s not a result of penalization for violating webmaster guidelines.
  • Sites can improve their content to recover, but it’s not a guarantee. More deserving content will continue to rank higher in Google.
  • Wide-ranging core updates occur every couple of months and it’s possible a site that’s been improved may not recover until the next update comes out.

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