Google My Business: Insights Tab Update

It’s no secret that Google My Business has become crucial to a business’s online presence. When you verify your business with Google My Business you have a great deal of power over your digital footprint. You are able to control specific information about your business including hours of operations, location, and products or services. You can also interact with customers on reviews they post.

Aside from being able to monitor and influence your business’s online presence, you now have the ability to view what terms people used to search for it. The ability to know how potential customers search for you is incredibly useful for understanding terms that are associated with your business and how Google views your website. Once upon a time, Google provided you with the organic keywords, but in 2013 it stopped providing this data in Analytics. The introduction of this latest update fills a significant void in the world of digital strategy.

Here is everything you need to know about the update:

  • Not all search terms will be tracked. Only terms that are used most frequently will be shared. This is will be helpful for your paid keyword strategy, as you will be able to know which keywords are worth bidding on.
  • There is a 1-3 week limit on the search queries you can view. You only have access to data on the search terms used in a 1-3 week window, which means you need to continue to monitor your Google My Business listing at all times to identify search trends.
  • The update is in beta as of this post’s release. Not everyone has access at this point in time and there is no official timeline for when the new update will be fully released.

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