Google Partners Connect Event Hosted by Millennium Marketing Solutions

I would like to extend a huge thanks to all of our clients and guests who attended the Google Partners Connect event this afternoon! We co-hosted this program with Google to highlight their amazing online marketing opportunities. We were so pleased at the turnout, and we feel certain that everyone who attended was able to gain a greater understanding of Google’s online marketing platform and how it can increase business.

The Partners Connect event featured two talented speakers from Google: Allan Thygesen, Vice President of Global Small Business Sales, and Frederick Vallaeys, Adwords Evangelist and CEO of Optimizely. Allan’s insightful talk included great stories and important information about the benefits of advertising in the Google ecosystem. He explained how businesses can thrive in our hyper-connected world. His story about a carpenter who was able to create a market for his business making custom children’s furniture was truly inspirational. It was an excellent example of how a business can effectively reach its customers using Google.

The second speaker, Frederick Vallaeys, was very engaging. He gave our guests a deeper understanding of how businesses can expand their web footprint and take advantage of Google properties to grow. He was able to demonstrate and discuss the various aspects of Google Adwords and Analytics in simple, understandable terms.  Following his presentation, the talented members of our search marketing team were able to meet with some of the attendees individually to answer questions and hear more about their business challenges.

Click here to see a recording of the presentation.

We were proud to offer this event to our current and prospective clients and we hope to offer many similar events in the future.  Our partnership with Google through the Google Partners program gives us access to resources and events that other agencies simply don’t have. In order to be part of the Google Partners program, our search marketing team has to meet strict criteria, including having credentialed Google AdWords marketers on our staff while meeting high standards for best practices on the accounts that we handle. We are thrilled to be a Google Partner because it positions us to offer the best possible search marketing information and advice to our clients. Please feel free to contact us for more information or if you have any questions.