Graphic Design Myths Debunked

graphic-design-mythsGraphic design evokes an experience that inspires, informs, and captivates an audience. Professional graphic design will help your company stand out against competitors.

Do you think that graphic design is easy? This is a common misconception, which is why our award-winning designers have debunked some myths surrounding graphic design for you to better understand this essential marketing tool.


As mentioned above, many people think that graphic design is a piece of cake. It takes more than Adobe Photoshop to be a skilled graphic designer. While there are many tools for graphic designers to utilize, the real power is behind the graphic designer’s artistic vision. The creativity and expertise comes first.

That’s why our team of graphic designers discuss in detail with each client the company vision, project goals, and target audience, working to produce creative and effective designs each and every time


Many businesses want their logo to display various elements, which often makes it look too busy, confusing people. A logo is meant to be recognizable image consumers will associate with your company. A logo shouldn’t encompass your company history, but rather a creative representation of your company’s vision.

Our expert graphic design team creates exceptional logos that accurately represents your company and your brand while making a memorable impression.


While you may notice a trend within your industry, it’s best to stand out. Determine what sets you apart from your competition and allow that to represent your company to potential customers. They are more likely to remember you with your unique brand than the rest in your industry that resemble each other.

From fonts to colors, logos to imagery, our team can create a brand and identity that uniquely showcases your company’s personality in the best ways possible.

While we design for multiple mediums, such as print, web, trade shows, promotional products, indoor/outdoor signs, packaging, truck wraps, and video, we are passionate about finding the absolute best solution for our clients. With over 75 years of combined experience, we still consistently study design and technology to stay on top. Learn more about our creative services and contact us today!

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