How to Write Killer PPC Ads

Digital marketing is a dynamic realm of advertising. Big players like Google are always enhancing their algorithms and releasing updates that can make business owners dizzy trying to keep up. There is a lot of competition online. Chances are someone else offers services and products similar to yours. How are you supposed to stand out from the crowd? The answer – killer pay-per-click (PPC) Google Ads. Here are some tips for improving your click-through-rate (CTR) and increasing conversions:

Write Ads for Your Audience, Not Your Ego

Ads are intended to explain your services/products’ value to the searcher. It can be tempting to use your character limit to write about why you are the best, but that is not what people engage and connect with. An ad that says something like “Here’s why my brand is a fit for you based on what you are searching for” is more valuable than something like “We’re the best of the best, click and buy from us”. Searchers have become more savvy about what they click on — most understand what clickbait looks like and avoid it.

Segment By Keywords and Ad Groups

A common mistake we see when taking over a clients’ account is that they attempted to use too many keywords without organizing them. Segmenting keywords to a specific topic or theme allows you to match keywords to queries, thus making the ads more relevant to queries.

Test, Test, Test

As with anything digital, you should be constantly testing and trying new variations for your ads. Each search campaign should contain three to four text ads and one responsive ad. Having different variations to test will help you gauge which are most effective. The more you optimize your Google Ads with testing, the better results you will see. Be sure to avoid the mistake of changing elements of your ads drastically without the data to justify those changes.

Use Numbers and Statistics

Quantifying your service/product with relevant figures helps provide validation of your claims. If you are the fastest, highest quality air conditioner installer in the Mid-Atlantic? You better have facts to prove it. An ad that reads “Air Conditioner Installations. Over 50 Installations per Day. 0 Call Backs for Servicing” tells searchers that you are quick, and good at what you do. Numbers can also help qualify a search. If someone is looking for an apartment and they see your ad for “One Bedroom Apartments Starting at $1,000,” they can tell if that is within their price range, resulting in higher quality leads.

Include a Call to Action (CTA)

Just like on a landing page, you will want to guide the searcher to the next thing you want them to do. Some examples that are shown to produce favorable results include “Download”, “Subscribe”, “Learn More”, “Try Now”, “Call Now”, “Free”, and “Start Today”. If you have a benefit to offer, include that too! For example, “Call Now, Get 25% Off”. An offer helps prompt a searcher to engage and convert.

Utilize Extensions

The closer your ad content is to what people are searching for, the higher the relevance. Sometimes there are specific messages or offers you want to share in your ad, but not enough space to share them. Utilizing extensions allows you to share offers, amenities, products, and more in a way that entices clicks and goes beyond the standard ad. There are extensions that are applicable for all sorts of industries including promotions and offers, calls, location, site links, callouts, SMS messaging, and so on.

Using Google Ads to its fullest potential is no small feat, which is why we have a team specifically dedicated and trained to making sure our clients’ digital marketing is always on point from PPC campaigns to search engine optimized web content. Need help getting your digital marketing up to speed? Our team of Google Certified Digital Marketing Specialists will make sure your campaigns are getting maximum results within your budget!