Website Evolutions: 7 Website Trends You Should Start Using Now

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf” – Jon Kabat-Zinn

As the last 20+ months have taught us all, there are always changes we cannot predict. From shifts in the way your customers now work, to improvements in mobile design, to the latest update from the almighty Google Algorithm — the only sure thing is that the next change is always on the horizon.

When it comes to website design, the key is knowing which evolutions are simply the latest trend, and which are important enough to have a long-term impact on performance, user experience, search optimization, and conversion. 

Beautifully-crafted design and clear, compelling content in a well-constructed website pleases both search engines and users. Recently Millennium Marketing Solutions was awarded two Graphic Design USA awards for our work developing websites for The Donaldson Group ( and FedData ( In total there were more than 2,300 submissions and only the top 10% were selected as winners. These websites are great examples of the more impactful evolutions in website design we’ve witnessed throughout 2021. Let’s take a look at those changes that are worth implementing. 

A Balanced Homepage Header

Grab the user’s attention as soon as they land on your homepage with a large visually captivating image. Create balance within the space by adding a CTA on the left-hand side which allows the image to both stand on its own and pull the user into your desired conversion action. The FedData website that Millennium Marketing designed is an excellent example of this trend. For internal webpages, a large full-width image is used for the header along with a headline to draw the user down with a second headline above the fold (visible without scrolling).


This may never change. The speed of your website has a direct correlation to nearly every search performance metric measurable for your website. A slow website will increase bounce rate, reduce average session times, and ultimately frustrate the user, causing them to leave your website. By building the website efficiently, hosting it in the proper environment, and compressing large files such as images you can ensure your website is running as fast as possible. 

Minimalism, Whitespace, and Negative Space

Users want information that is easy to digest at a glance. The days are gone of flooding your homepage, or even your site with the equivalent of an Encyclopedia Britannica entry, save that for your blog posts. Whitespace allows the user to zero in on the subject matter and absorb it with limited distractions. 

Vivid Color Combinations

That previously mentioned whitespace is perfectly complemented with vivid color combinations, typically a tertiary brand color, being used to draw the user’s attention to the main focal points. 

Bold Typography

Large text treatments to catch the eye and say more with less.
Just like this.

Human-Centric Copy

Copy should read less like a book, and more like a conversation. Large styled headlines separate important sections of the website and allow you to scan it with ease. These sections should only be 2 or 3 sentences long. Efficiently communicate information while including keywords to ensure that Google will still rank you for the ever-valuable on-page content. The Donaldson Group website provides excellent examples of the ideal way to break up important information. 

Responsive Design

This has been the standard for over a decade at this point, but some companies still haven’t fully embraced how important it is. Google ranks your website first based on its mobile layout, then moves onto desktop display. This is due to the majority of the world’s website traffic being mobile. You no longer need two separate websites, designing with mobile screen-viewing in mind first allows you to seamlessly communicate the same message regardless of the screen size of the user. Every website that Millennium Marketing Solutions produces will be fully responsive and coded in a way that it will display well on any screen size.

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