Introducing the Millennium Digital Digest

The marketing landscape is constantly evolving. It can be daunting to keep up with the current digital marketing trends, but it’s a necessity to keep your company competitive. As part of Millennium’s mission to help our clients achieve their business goals through marketing, we’ve created the Millennium Digital Digest. This monthly collection is curated by our team of Google certified digital marketing experts to summarize the most important recent digital marketing trends that you should know about to help your business thrive.

What You Should Know — October 2019

Updates to Housing, Employment, & Credit Ads on Facebook

In order to prevent discrimination in advertising, Facebook now requires advertisers to buy housing, employment, and credit ads through a special process. These “Special Ad Categories” won’t allow targeting by any of the federally protected classes, including age, gender, ZIP code, multicultural affinity, or other options describing or appearing to relate to protected characteristics. [Read More]

Google Core Algorithm Update

Last month, Google began to roll out a broad core algorithm update. While Google releases many “core updates” per year, they only announce the updates when they expect website rankings to be affected. While specifics about the update have not been revealed, there are a number of ways you or your digital agency should prepare your business for potential changes. [Read More]

Making Review Rich Results More Helpful

Rich snippets are small pieces of text that appear in a search result and call out a specific question or piece of information. “Review” rich snippets are the stars and/or scores that sometimes appear next to search results. To make them more helpful, Google is cutting down on the types of schema (a format for classifying page content) where reviews can appear. In addition, Google will no longer display reviews that are controlled by the business or organization being reviewed. [Read More]

Google Ads is Testing New Lead Form Extensions

Google is adding a new way for advertisers to capture information: lead form extensions. This new extension creates a customizable lead generation form directly on the search engine results page. As of October 2019, this extension is only in beta, but Google is expecting this to be enabled for all accounts by the end of the month. In addition, certain sensitive verticals and sub-verticals (like healthcare and politics) aren’t eligible to use these extensions. [Read More]

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