Is it Time to Redesign or Rebrand Your Website? If So, Millennium Can Help!

I am proud to say that here at Millennium Marketing Solutions, we have formed robust design, digital, and development teams who work in conjunction with one another, and with detailed collaboration to provide clients with the best online services available. One area of expertise that our teams excel in is web design, redesign, and/or rebranding based upon each client’s needs and desires.

All three departments work closely together to guarantee that all layers of the client’s online presence are maximized, from overall design, to search engine optimization, and from branding and tone, to back-end analytics. Ultimately our responsibility is to ensure the final product is everything the client not only wants, but also needs, to guarantee a greater ROI and ultimately improve traffic and sales.

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We’ve worked with diverse different clients, all with varying requirements and goals. A few of the clients we’ve worked with most recently have desired everything from complete rebranding of their logo and overall design, to simply updating their outdated website to responsive design.

The first client I’d like to highlight is the Ritter Companies which is a family-run business that has been around for many generations. They decided it was time to refresh the brand and set their sights on the future. After close collaboration with the team at The Ritter Companies, Millennium’s web departments learned that the trucking industry is competitive and somewhat dangerous. We learned it was imperative to Ritter to attract and hire only the best drivers and employees to safeguard Ritter’s steadfast commitment to safety, as well as provide an overall positive brand experience to instill trust in customers and potential customers alike. After gaining a full understanding of the company and the trucking industry in general, our web team put on their creative hats and began brainstorming. They quickly realized the name Ritter means a Knight and a Knight, in the game of Chess, is moved strategically and differently than other Chess pieces, and should always be close to the action which directly, yet creatively, applies to the trucking industry. Our design team then took this idea and developed a new logo based off of the Knight theme. Once the logo and rebranding concepts were conceived, it was time to address the website.  Essentially, it was imperative that they update their website, not only due to the new branding and logo but also because it was outdated, unresponsive, and ultimately, they had various websites for their subsidiary companies and wanted all information to be housed under one domain. Our development team went to work in collaboration with our digital team and the results were amazing! Check out their new website here: The Ritter Companies.

Ritter Old Logo


Ritter New Logo

Another happy client that we recently assisted with rebranding and a website redesign is Congressional Towers Apartments, a Polinger, Shannon, and Luchs property. Congressional Towers was once the go-to luxury apartment complex in Rockville, Maryland but began experiencing a lot of competition from nearby new rental properties over the years. They realized that it was time to update the look of their community to reflect the amazing apartments and amenities that they personally provide to their residents. As an ongoing client of Millennium, we already had a solid understanding of their property and the benefits they had to offer to residents. Still, it was necessary to meet with the team at Polinger, Shannon and Luchs to fully understand what they desired in their rebranding. Ultimately, they wanted a facelift, a take-off of their overall original brand, but with rejuvenating features such as updating hues of the standard brand colors to liven up the property image and draw attention to new audiences such as Millennials. In the end, we designed a new logo and created a refreshed website for Congressional Towers to reflect their new youthful presence. After the rebranding and redesign, they’ve seen a 9.18% increase in organic traffic, 16% decrease in bounce rate, and a 15% increase in session duration. Check out their new website here: Congressional Towers Apartments.

Congressional Towers Logo

Congressional Towers Website

Reilly Sweeping, Inc. is another satisfied Millennium client. In November of 2014, we launched Reilly Sweeping, Inc.’s new website which was the culmination of a very extensive process and involved all of our service teams. Our digital marketing team began with a comprehensive search marketing analysis which showed they were in need of a complete overhaul to their website based on the analytics. Our design team then worked with Reilly, to learn more about their niche market, their business goals, and their vision for their brand. This lead to a complete restructuring of their website, including new content. Based on our digital team’s recommendations, new key terms and a new page naming structure were implemented to provide a more intuitive path for the user. Within weeks of launching the new site, Reilly Sweeping, Inc. saw a 40% increase in website traffic, a 150% increase in pageviews, and a 65% decrease in their bounce rate. Check out their website here: Reilly Sweeping, Inc.

Reilly Sweeping Website Traffic

Overall, our design, digital, and development teams are the best of the best and I’m not just saying that because I hired them. Ask them any question, propose any project, or throw a design curveball and I guarantee you’ll leave not only satisfied with the result but happy and optimistic for your business’s future. If you’re interested in learning more about what our online teams can do for you, contact