Event going virtual? Here’s how to keep it real

Trade shows, events, awards ceremonies, and conferences across the country are moving to virtual-only in response to the COVID-19 restrictions. While an in-person and virtual event are different experiences for attendees and planners, many of the aspects of a successful event remain the same.

With that in mind, we’ve put together some tips and ideas to help you keep attendees engaged, provide value-adding experiences, and encourage connections with virtual events.

Use Welcome Kits & Gifts to Keep it Real

There’s no better way to make a virtual event feel more real than to keep remote attendees engaged and connected with a physical welcome kit, delivered to their front door. Millennium can create custom welcome kits, including printed materials (such as event schedules), attendee gifts, and more.

Event Welcome Kit Example
Event Welcome Kit Example

As more events are going virtual and more employees are working remotely, a number of manufacturers are offering free or reduced drop shipping, to make deliveries to each attendee and employee possible.

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Virtual Events Still Need Marketing

Targeted marketing to reach prospective attendees is still the most important tool to increase attendance. With events going virtual and more and more of us working from home, it’s important to adapt your marketing strategy to stay in front of prospects.

  • Develop engaging content related to the event and get the message out on social media and email channels. Is there info from your keynote speaker that can be teased, or other value-adding content?
  • For many industry-specific events, a targeted social media campaign aimed at specific job functions and industries is one of the best ways to reach a relevant audience and expand awareness of your event.
  • Consider offering additional digital resources after the event, such as whitepapers after attending a webinar. The content from a virtual event can be turned into multiple blogs or social media posts.

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