Logos Are More Than An Image

Your logo is one of the most powerful marketing tools to have. It is significant to your business, it helps to brand your company, and if created well, it will attract new customers. When people see a logo that really stands out, they’re more likely to investigate the company, which could potentially lead to a sale. As a company’s major graphical representation, a logo is an essential part of an overall marketing strategy.

Millennium Marketing Solutions’ award-winning graphic design team transforms our clients’ visions into memorable visual elements, which effectively reflect their companies.

You may be thinking how can a simple concept can be so complicated? A lot goes into designing and creating a logo from “scratch.” Millennium has developed logos for new companies, as well has revamped the brands of existing businesses. Their process has provided clients strong designs that leave a lasting impression.

So, what exactly makes a good logo? Our team of creative thinkers came up with six important design elements that make a logo effective.

1. Describable

While catching the eye, a logo should be simple enough to describe. If someone has trouble describing a logo and what it represents, then they’ll most likely forget about it and move on.

2. Scalable

You want a logo that will look good in numerous forms from your website to your products.

In the example below, McDonalds’ logo is simple enough to describe and therefore, be recognizable and remembered. It is also scalable, as it can be resized and presented in different ways without compromising its design.

The Evolution of the McDonald's Logo

3. Shapes

It’s best to not over complicate your logo with complex shapes. Instead, incorporating basic shapes, such as circles, squares, or triangles are more appealing and recognizable.

4. Font

We suggest simple fonts, as they are timeless. A trendy and decorative font may go out of style quickly.

5. Color

For a logo that’s really going to stand out and be unforgettable, sticking to a small palette of colors is recommended. You don’t want to overwhelm people with a wide array of colors.

6. Symbols

It never hurts to include your company’s signature symbol, making you more unique and memorable.

It’s of course important for your logo to relate to your company. For example, the logo for Google Play below is very simple with their name, a few colors, and a play button as a symbol to represent what they offer.

Google Play logo

A couple of our recent logo designs include ones for McCabe Russell and Metro Village Apartments. Both are simple, yet visually-appealing designs with the companies’ names and a few colors, each with one clean and identifiable symbol.

McCabe Russell logo
Metro Village Apartments logo

A logo gives your company an easily recognized visual symbol. By presenting this image on all correspondence materials, marketing collateral, your website and emails, you’re giving people consistent exposure to your brand. It’s crucial for it to make a long-lasting impact. That’s why our expert design team dedicates their time to designing and creating logos that accurately represent companies and brands, all while making an impression that people won’t soon forget. Need your logo redesigned or created from scratch? We got you covered! Contact us today at artdepartment@mm4solutions.com or 301.725.8000.