Marketing Made Easy – NOT

Anything with too many choices can become quickly overwhelming.  When you are choosing a paint color at Home Depot for instance – there are so many color options, how do you decide on just one?  When I’m at the candy store at the beach, there are rows and rows of choices, how do I pick just one or two or three or – well you get it, I have a sweets addiction.

In the world of marketing it’s much of the same. A quick Google search will provide an endless supply of “marketing experts” ready to assist you. But how do you know what to do or who to hire for your marketing strategy? You start with the end in mind. Business Goals

What is your ultimate business goal? What are you trying to achieve? Is it more sales, more leads, brand recognition, speaking engagements, etc.? If your so called “marketing expert” isn’t asking you this, they can’t possibly understand what strategies to implement for your company to be successful. They are probably only interested in selling you what they have to offer, not what you need. Think about it this way: If a car salesman didn’t ask you any personal questions, but tried to sell you a 2-seater convertible he had in stock when you currently have three small children that you regularly drive around, would you be satisfied? Of course not, and your marketing plan should not be any different.

There are so many choices – do you redo your website (if you are in business you better have one already), get a mobile website, tweet, blog, run an ad, sponsor an event, exhibit at a tradeshow, mail a postcard? The choices are endless, and there is not a “one size fits all” format. So, how do you decide?

It’s easy – you start at the end to determine which activities are a means to that end.