Marketing with Pokémon Go

28266686971_6a70760701_bPokémon Go was released on Wednesday, July 6, and it didn’t take long for it to completely take over.  As Nintendo’s first mobile app, Pokémon Go is already deemed as the most popular mobile game in U.S. history. After just five days, it surpassed Twitter in daily active users. If you see millennials walking the streets with their eyes glued to their smartphones, you can safely assume that they’re tracking down their next Pokémon to catch. As a location-based and augmented reality game for mobile devices, Pokémon Go has also been used for marketing purposes, as explained below.

By using GPS capabilities and mobile cameras, players can capture Pokémon using their phones and location. Since the app relies on physical locations such as local businesses, landmarks, and other public places for PokéStops and gyms, local businesses have taken notice and started to take advantage of this opportunity. For example, many businesses have started to offer discounts and host special events specifically for Pokémon Go players.

While PokéStops are places where players, or in other words, trainers can find Pokéballs, which are eggs that Pokémon hatch from, businesses can take advantage of being a PokéStop and promote this feature via various online outlets. If your business happens to not be a PokéStop, you can still spread the word about Pokémon in and around your establishment. Your business could be fortunate enough to be a gym, where players battle their Pokémon. Another good idea is to use the names of popular Pokémon characters and relate them to your products or services.

While marketing is all about creating and building relationships with your customers, your business can really benefit from capitalizing on trends in relevant and fun ways. Our creative thinkers are always here to help you market your business in a new and unique light! Contact us today!