Millennium Corporate Office Undergoes Renovations

This past March, Millennium Marketing Solutions completed a 6 month process of renovating the interior of our Annapolis Junction corporate office. As a progressive and innovative marketing agency, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the trends to best serve our clients and we felt it was time to take the same approach towards the space in which we work on a day to day basis. The goal of the renovation was to create a space that is state-of-the-art, and will offer our employees comfort and convenience as we expand our team. After some careful analysis and planning, the renovation blueprint was formed and construction began. In addition to new furniture, paint, and carpeting, we now have a new conference room with enhanced technology, an additional strategy area with a large-screen monitor for brainstorming meetings, and a brand new kitchen/café which can now also serve as a supplementary meeting space.  We also have contemporary open work spaces to better foster communication and engagement between staff members.

Here are some renovations and how these improvements will help us better serve you.

1) Our conference room with improved technology, including a large screen TV, is designed to provide a comfortable yet professional space to host client and internal meetings. This room now also allows us to host larger groups during our lunch and learns which cover topics such as Digital Marketing, Tradeshow, and Promotional Items. This space also allows for staff members to attend webinars as a group to cultivate communication and teamwork while simultaneously learning the latest information and developments within our industry.

Remodeled Conference Room

2) The newest conference room with a large-screen monitor was originally a private office but has now been transformed into a small conference room dedicated to brainstorming, strategizing, and conceptualizing. For example, the digital marketing team and the design team can now view a client’s website together to offer input and recommendations based on their respective areas of expertise.

Secondary Conference Room

3) The new kitchen/café has been upgraded with brand new appliances, granite counter tops, and a large screen TV so staff members can relax and enjoy their lunch break and return to their work space refreshed and with a new lease on their creativity. The Café can now also serve as an auxiliary meeting space for vendor visits and internal meetings.

Remodeled Kitchen and Café

4) Our new tradeshow display area provides visiting clients a first-hand look at what opportunities Millennium can provide regarding tradeshow signage, displays, and the type of technology available to make booths interactive. This space ties in nicely with our state-of-the-art showroom which displays numerous promotional items available for tradeshows and other business events and campaigns.

5) The new open work spaces allow our design, development and digital marketing teams the freedom of open communication and teamwork.

We are very pleased with the results of our renovations and enhancements and we hope you’ll find the time to stop by and see our new and improved office! Call one of our Marketing Specialists today to set up some time.