Millennium Sponsors WPO’s 19th Annual Conference

Women Presidents’ Organization, Inc. (WPO) serve women presidents of multimillion-dollar companies as a nonprofit membership organization. Women have come a long way in the business world, which is why it’s WPO’s mission to constantly improve the working environments for ambitious women entrepreneurs. They strive to promote the acceptance and advancement of women entrepreneurs in all industries.

wpo1The WPO’s 19th Annual Conference was from Thursday, April 7 to Saturday, April 9 at The Baltimore Marriott Waterfront. Not only does the conference actively encourage WPO members to share business strategies and experience with fellow women leaders, but also learn from interactive seminars and speakers. WPO strives to improve the lives of women both professionally and personally.

As a member sponsor, Millennium Marketing Solutions’ Sales Consultants, Patty Lewis and Debra May and I were excited to attend this conference and were thoroughly impressed by the panel of informative and inspiring seminars and speakers. Among many, I found the keynote speakers, Jessica Herrin and Amy Cuddy to be especially impressive.

Herrin, founder and CEO of Stella & Dot Family Brands, discussed how to successfully grow your brand and when is the right time to take your business to the next level. Stella & Dot Family Brands expanded in 2015 and supports over 400 corporate employees and 40,000 independent business owners globally. Herrin shared how she took an idea and modernized it to expand into a “Family of Brands.” She has been widely-recognized for her vision and how far she’s come.

Cuddy, Associate Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, in the Negotiation, Organizations & Markets Unit, is also known for her inspiring TED talk, which has been viewed more than 27 million times and ranks second among the most-viewed TED talks. Cuddy’s research on body language proves that we can successfully change other people’s perceptions and our own body chemistry just by changing body positions. She calls this meaningful concept, “Power Posing.” The way we carry ourselves with our posture and body language says a lot about us whether we recognize it or not. Cuddy has shown that this is significant not only to how we’re viewed in the world, but to our attitude and overall well-being. So, it’s important to embrace your power pose!

wpo2At the conference, Cuddy discussed how women are able to be their strongest selves in order to overcome obstacles in life. Science has proven that when women feel defeated, adopting behaviors reflecting power and strength has the amazing ability to free us from the fears and doubts that hold us back. Cuddy showed the audience how to redirect our thoughts, actions, and physiology so we can be the best version of ourselves possible.

I was able to connect with Betty Hines, Chair of WPO’s Greenbelt and Baltimore, Maryland Chapters, connected and took a photo in front of Millennium’s stand. Hines is always there for guidance and remains passionate about helping people build and grow their businesses in most effective ways. She has been a moving force in helping Millennium grow and flourish. That’s one of the many reasons why Millennium is a proud member of the Greenbelt, Maryland Chapter and sponsor of such an inspirational organization dedicated to the success of the women no matter what industry. While this is one of the many organizations Millennium supports, we’re excited for what’s yet to come from the WPO.