Millennium Welcomes New Search Marketing Team Members

As the Millennium team continues to grow, I am thrilled to welcome two new members to our search marketing team, Eron Cohen and James Sackor. As you may already know, Millennium offers a variety of search marketing services, including search engine optimization, pay-per-click campaigns, landing page development, content writing, research, and analytics. I am delighted that we are able to have these two new team members with us, as I truly believe that they bring a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience to our digital marketing team.

Eron Cohen
Digital Marketing Specialist
Eron joins our team with a vast array of knowledge and experience in digital marketing. Eron earned his Bachelor of Science in Communications from Boston University, and he holds both Google AdWords and Bing Advertising Professional certifications. Eron has been working with the Google AdWords program since its inception in 2002, and has a deep knowledge of the home improvement and medical industries through previous experience. He has highly relevant expertise in digital marketing and SEO, and has also worked as a webmaster and web developer using the ColdFusion programming language. In his free time, Eron enjoys spending time with his two beautiful daughters and pursues his interests in genealogy, photography, and vermiculture.

James Sackor
Search Marketing Specialist
James brings a great deal of marketing know-how to the Millennium team. James studied Sociology at the University of Maryland and is Google AdWords certified. He brings eight years of digital marketing experience that includes strategizing search, email marketing, and social media, with specialized expertise in PPC management, SEO best practices, and website data analysis. With experience working for both national retail companies and local service industries, James brings a unique perspective that gives him a deep understanding of potential pain-points for small to medium businesses. When he’s not working, James is an avid sports fan, runner, and military history enthusiast, and he spends time enjoying the vibrant dining and nightlife of Washington, D.C.

Welcome to the team, Eron and James! I know that each of you will become an important part of the Millennium family and that you each have the skills to make a huge impact for our clients and customers. To learn more about Millennium’s partnership with Google, take a look at the recap of our recent Google Partners event. For more information about our search marketing services, please check out our Search Marketing page or contact the Digital Marketing team at 301.725.8000 or