Millennium’s Expo Through the Eyes of a “Newbie”

Marketing Expo Panel DiscussionWalking in the doors of Millennium Marketing Solutions on Tuesday, October 6, my eyes were wide and my energy was up. Not only was it expo day, it was my FIRST expo day. Being a new employee here at Millennium, I was told to enjoy and experience my first expo, and I sure did; and based on the feedback from those who attended, I wasn’t the only one!

The energy was high as last minute setting up was happening with Millennium employees and our visiting vendors. Once things were set up and ready, the doors opened and the expo began. We started the day off with our Pre Show – Promo Primer. Our very own Debra May educated the group on the ins and outs of promotional products. We learned what to ask for, what to expect for specific requests, and how to shop for promotional products. Which, when you’re promoting your brand, the important thing is to create a lasting impression on your customers so choosing the perfect products to not only make your brand stand out, but have staying power, is essential for your business.

After learning all about promotional products, we had a very special guest present. Jim Doyle, an American University Professor and USPS Representative presented on how to use direct mail to drive sales. The presentation was so informative. Jim has worked as a direct marketing consultant for 25 years. His direct marketing programs have been implemented by a number of nationally known companies. He was able to give the group real insight and tools to take with them.

The excitement and learning didn’t stop after Jim, our Digital Marketing Manager, James Sackor and Social Media and Content Marketing Specialist Lindsay Beckmeyer gave a very well received presentation on remarketing ads and whether or not they are creepy or effective. Many of the attendees asked questions on how this would benefit their business, though it may seem creepy, it is actually one of the most effective digital advertising mediums. There was constant positive buzz after this seminar, everyone loved it.

Digital DisplayIn between the seminars everyone was able to enjoy a delicious lunch and a chance to walk around and speak with Millennium team members about the work we do and ask any questions they may have. Whether it was about our amazing iGen4 printer or about what our amazing design team has produced.  They were also able to speak to and see products from our top vendors.

After lunch, Director of Creative Services, Michelle Fazenbaker gave a great seminar on the dos and don’ts on design, with the help of Assistant Art Director, Kevin Selekof. Michelle talked about the importance of professional design, and how DIY design can actually hurt your brand and marketing efforts. Many professional agencies, just like Millennium, are in fact willing to work with you and your budget. It was a great presentation with a lot of information the attendees took away.

The last seminar of the day was a great round table discussion on websites. Our round table experts included Web/IT Solutions Engineer Rich Cook, Digital Marketing Specialist Eron Cohen, and Assistant Art Director Kevin Selekof. This was a lively discussion on the importance of websites, how they are the most versatile and pivotal tool in a marketing strategy. The experts also discussed how responsive design is not just a “thing” but is a must. The percentage of websites that are viewed on a mobile device are so great that Google has now started grading websites on the level of their responsiveness. Great questions were asked and the discussion was constant and informative.

Google T-shirtsWith the close of the last seminar, our attendees got to circle around once more and ask any further questions. The buzz was upbeat and all in all this was a successful Expo. I, along with many of the guests who attended, learned a lot in the industry and took away a lot to think about. I look forward to our next Expo, where you can catch me providing a seminar. See you in the spring!

But don’t wait until then if you have questions or want to hear more about the seminars provided. Give us a call or shoot us an email at about our 360 approach and one of our Sales Consultants will get back to you.