New Alternatives for Remarketing Your Business Through Google AdWords

Anyone who uses the internet is familiar with remarketing advertising. They may not know the technical term, but they will have noticed that they are shown ads that remind them about the  products or services offered on websites they have recently visited. Although some people will  say that they don’t like these ads for one reason or another, they are very effective at bringing  people who are interested in your brand back to your website or to your physical location to close a sale.

The reason these ads work so well is that people aren’t always ready to make a decision on a  product purchase the first time they visit a website. They frequently need more time and more  information to make a buying decision. Remarketing ads are a helpful reminder to potential  customers and keep your business top of mind.

A Typical Remarketing Scenario

The basics of setting up remarketing are streamlined by Google. To get started, a hidden code is  been placed on the advertiser’s website—when a visitor arrives at the site (or at a given page of  the site) a cookie is added to their computer. The cookie is what makes the visitor a member of  a remarketing list.

Most companies that are doing remarketing activities will be doing so in the form of text ads or  static image ads. The ads appear on various websites in Google’s ad publishing network as your  remarketing list members browse the internet.

From there, depending on how the advertiser’s account is setup, the visitor will be shown the  remarketing ads in the future for a set number of days. Should the visitor click on the  remarketing ad, they will be delivered to the specified page of the advertiser’s website.  Although other payment arrangements are possible, generally, the advertiser only pays when  the customer clicks the ad. The great thing about this is that even though the advertiser isn’t  charged, unclicked display ads are still a reminder to a potential customer.

In its most general form, advertisers just target anyone and everyone who has visited their  website with the same remarketing ads. This can be effective, but with marketing being specific  is always a good idea. Advanced marketers will target in more precise ways. For example, they  may target people who visited pages about a particular product with ads that are tailored for  that product.

Advertisers can layer on additional targeting for even better granularity. For instance, instead of  just targeting anyone on the remarketing list they can add gender targeting too. So perhaps on  Valentine’s day, they can target men who had been viewing perfumes meant for women with  ads that mention that the product is a perfect gift for “her.”

Adding YouTube Video and Engagement Ads to Your Remarketing Mix

Regular, static image ads and text ads, are still the mainstay of remarketing, but it’s good to  standout by being more innovative and novel—especially when the options are effective and  low cost. At Millennium, we’ve been seeing success with two of Google’s offerings that are a bit  more unusual for remarketing: YouTube pre‐roll advertising videos and lightbox engagement ads.

The Magic of YouTube Advertising

Although video may not be right for some types of products or services, when used well, it can  be a worthwhile investment for your brand. In most cases, using video advertisements for  remarketing is a no‐brainer. As the second largest search engine after Google, YouTube is  extremely popular with all demographics, in fact, YouTube has over a billion registered users,  and many more casual users who don’t have accounts. The extreme popularity of YouTube,  combined with the video media format make it an excellent remarketing platform.


Just like the other, more common types of remarketing, visitors to YouTube would only see your ad if they are on a remarketing list. Targeting can be setup so that your ads are shown before any video someone on your list watches, or you can get even more specific. For example, campaigns could be setup so that the viewer must be on the remarketing list and also be watching a particular video, or a video about a particular topic. This is can limit your audience, but it can also be very useful, for example, if you offer financial services and someone is watching videos about finance, you’ll know they already have your business category in mind, so you may be reaching them at an opportune moment.

If you are interested in learning more about YouTube Advertising, please contact us. As Google Partners, we are certified in YouTube Video Advertising.

Lightbox Ads: Another Way to Share Your Videos and Galleries with Members of Your Remarketing Lists

One of the newest forms of advertising on Google’s display network is the lightbox ad. Lightbox ads appear in the same places that regular static display ads appear, but they are media rich, size independent, and interactive.


When a visitor hovers their mouse over a lightbox ad, it opens up on their screen to display videos, maps, and image galleries about a product or service. Unlike regular remarketing ads, with Lightbox ads, you pay for engagement, not for clicks. So when someone opens your lightbox ad by hovering their mouse for two seconds, that’s what triggers billing. Clicks from the lightbox ad to the advertiser’s website are then “free.” It should be noted that it is possible to pay on a CPM basis for these ads, but most of the time this won’t be cost effective.

Lightbox ads are a great opportunity to stand out from the competition. If you’d like to learn more about using these ads as part of your AdWords advertising campaigns, please contact us.

Remarketing Is Crucial

If you currently run a Google AdWords campaign and aren’t doing any remarketing, you should consider setting it up as soon as possible. If you do have marketing setup, but you haven’t looked into the newer options, or if you are unfamiliar with remarketing concepts, Millennium Marketing Solutions is here to help. For a limited time, our customers may be able to benefit from a $75 coupon for trying YouTube advertising. Contact our Digital Marketing Team at for additional information about remarketing with Google AdWords.