The Death of Flash & More — November 2019 Digital Digest

As part of Millennium’s mission to help our clients achieve their business goals through marketing, we’ve created the Millennium Digital Digest, curated by our team of Google certified digital marketing experts to summarize the most important recent digital marketing trends.

What You Should Know — November 2019

More About Google’s Latest Algorithm Update — BERT: Google is Improving 10% of Searches

Last month, we told you about Google’s change to its core search algorithm. We now know it may improve the results for as many as 10% of searches. They are using natural language processing (NLP) techniques developed by Google researchers that focus on improving results based on how words relate to each other. Now, instead of focusing only on the “important” words in a search, Google will now be able to understand context and return better search results.  [Read More>]

Flash is Officially Dead

It’s been best practice to remove Flash from your websites since 2010, due to newer browsers disabling Flash content by default. However, Google announced in October, 2019 they are further driving the point home by removing support for Flash content in Google Search. That means Google will entirely ignore Flash content on webpages and standalone SWF files. If your site still has any Flash content on it, now is the time to get rid of it. [Read More]

New Study Show which Google My Business (GMB) Features Boost Conversions

Rich snippets are small pieces of text that appear in a search result and call out a specific question or piece of information. “Review” rich snippets are the stars and/or scores that sometimes appear next to search results. To make them more helpful, Google is cutting down on the types of schema (a format for classifying page content) where reviews can appear. In addition, Google will no longer display reviews that are controlled by the business or organization being reviewed. [Read More]

YouTube Launches Redesign of Desktop Homepage

YouTube has launched a redesign of its homepage for desktop and tablet devices, combining some fan-favorite mobile features with the benefits of larger screen sizes. New features include longer video titles, larger thumbnails, and higher resolution previews. Users will now have more power to curate the content they want to see, which makes a user-focused YouTube strategy even more important. [Read More]

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