Why Are Online Reviews Important?

When was the last time you wrote an online review? Was it positive or negative? Approximately 80% of people trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. However, most people only review a company if the service they received is unsatisfactory. Our team of marketing experts want to change that thought process, which is why we’ve come up with initiatives to help our clients gain positive reviews that will benefit them.

Did you know that 88% of online shoppers incorporate reviews into their purchase decision? Whether you realize it or not, online reviews largely impact a person’s decision to invest time in a company.

While positive reviews are always great to see, negative ones shouldn’t be ignored. By responding quickly and professionally to bad reviews, others will see that your company is truly concerned about customers’ experiences and work hard to improve them. Some of the most popular review platforms are Yelp, Google My Business, Glassdoor, Facebook Ratings & Reviews, Angie’s List, and relating to many of our clients, Apartment Ratings.

Understanding the importance of online reviews, we pitched a contest idea to our client, Polinger Company, a property management company. The goal of this contest is to increase positive reviews of Polinger’s communities and therefore improve their online image. By accumulating more positive reviews, they will not only look better and stand out during the search process, but search engines will also be more likely to display them when a searcher is looking for an apartment in the area, which is important for our search engine optimization (SEO) professionals.

When searching for an apartment in a specific area, people are more likely to visit the website and trust the quality of the apartment community after viewing positive reviews and ratings. After a person searches for an apartment in the search bar, depending on the location they’re searching for, search engines will show options with reviews first on the results page of the search. This allows this particular apartment’s website to be more visible and therefore more likely to be clicked on and explored.

Another expert idea is for companies to give positive reviews a shout out through social media, showing their appreciation and dedication to creating positive experiences.

Along with creating Polinger-themed mouse pads with their trending hashtag #WeArePolinger, we designed and printed inserts to go in each mouse pad reminding each participating leasing team of the contest. After presenting this idea to property managers at a meeting, Millennium was happy to see that they were on board and excited! We also provided them with cards for them to pass out to residents. These cards urge them to write a review and share their experience.

The examples shown below are ones we created for one of Polinger’s communities, Columbia Plaza, as we also recently redesigned their website. Each community insert includes their own review page. For example, www.columbiaplaza.net/review will take individuals to a page where they can simply click on the icons of each review platform and it will take them directly to where they can write their review. Along with Polinger’s communities, we have created clean and convenient review pages for our other clients as well.

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This is just one of many examples of how Millennium works hard to provide creative solutions. Contact our creative experts in all things marketing and we’ll present you with the right solutions for the right results!