Is Print Becoming a Thing of the Past?

In today’s technology-driven society, people often wonder how much longer we’re going to rely on printed materials for information or entertainment resources. The answer is that although technology plays a significant role in our lives on a daily basis, there’s no denying that print media still makes a long-lasting impression!

At your next trade show exhibit, you can of course mention your website or social media platforms, but providing people with an informative and well-designed brochure or other printed piece, provides the ability to show your company in such a way that prospects can hold onto and refer back to at any point.

Despite what some say, business cards won’t become a thing of the past, as they are great for presenting contact information and handing out to potential customers. We designed and printed business cards for Lok-Tek, a service company specializing in the supply, installation, maintenance, and repair of all commercial doors, locks, and entry/exit systems. We designed and printed their business cards to complement their brand.


Not only does a sleek business card make you look professional, but it can set you apart from your competitors. In many cases, someone’s first impression ends with you handing them your business card. It could help you leave an impression that reflects the measured tone and aim of your business.

Another traditional yet useful print piece is a brochure. Despite the growing popularity of digital marketing initiatives, a well-designed brochure is appreciated for its ability to hold a fair amount of information that can be easily referred to. While some brochures can be pocket-friendly, they also help capture the attention of potential customers. Millennium happily designs and prints brochures for clients no matter the occasion or content in an effective and timely manner. For many people, a clear and concise printed brochure is easier to access and read as opposed to content from an e-mail or website.

With our highly efficient Xerox iGen4™ digital printer, we are able to create captivating print pieces in a timely manner at any budget, whether you need one thing printed or thousands of pieces printed. As digital printing is more in demand, our expert pressmen work with our project managers and designers to produce vibrant, crisp, and textured print pieces for various clients’ specific needs.

With over 100 years of experience combined, Millennium’s team will provide expert solutions for any budget, quantity, and turnaround time. Contact us today and learn more about our printing services and how essential print materials are still today!