Project Spotlight: Rebranding for Newton Engineering

Newton Trade Show Display This month, we’re highlighting a big project that we recently completed for Newton Engineering & Product Development. Our relationship with Newton began when they contacted us for a tradeshow display design. The company, then known as Ingenium Scientia Solutions, was so pleased with the display and design work, that they were inspired to create more new materials. They determined that, in order to grow their business, they would need to rename and rebrand. After working with Millennium in the past, they felt that we were the best company to assist them in this endeavor.

To get the project rolling, we started with a kick-off meeting to discuss the client’s goals. Based on those objectives, Millennium strategized and outlined a plan for the new brand and website. Among the client’s goals, they wanted to change their name and brand to be more direct and professional. The new name selected by the client is much simpler and more direct than the previous company name. Another client goal was to move away from problem solving, testing, and analyzing and establish themselves as a creator and producer of the end products. Additionally, the client wanted to differentiate themselves and gain more business outside of their normal sectors.

Original and Redesigned Newton LogosKeeping these goals in mind, our design team began work on a new logo and color scheme. Our graphic designer incorporated a bold orange color to help Newton stand out and distinguish themselves from another company with a similar name. The new branding and web designs also incorporate a lot of large graphic elements to emphasize that Newton is “as big as” their clients need them to be. In order to emphasize Newton as an inventive and creative resource, the designer incorporated the gear icon to represent the products and services that Newton offers.

The Millennium design team worked closely with the client throughout the process in order to execute a variety of elements quickly and efficiently. The rebrand included a new logo, new colors, and a new look/feel. Once the logo and colors were selected, the team got to work designing a new Responsive website with a bold look to really make the new brand stand out among its competitors. Our designers also created a variety of materials with the new branding, including collateral, a tradeshow display, promotional products, and a stationery package.

Newton Business Cards with New BrandingThe client was extremely pleased with the resulting identity package and materials, and the project as a whole was very successful. Throughout the entire process, the Millennium team remained focused on the client goals, keeping them front-of-mind when creating each piece of the project. This goal-oriented approach truly shows how beneficial our 360° view can be. From the initial strategy meeting to the finishing touches on a trade show display, our team was focused on achieving our client’s goals. Contact our skilled experts to learn more about our 360° approach and the many marketing solutions we offer!

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