Responsive Websites Provide a Competitive Edge

Are you reading this on your Smartphone? Have you noticed the amount of people using their cell phones to access the internet? Industry experts predict that by 2014 mobile internet usage will surpass the use of desktop computers to search the internet.

EITC Responsive DesignAccording to there are over 5 billion mobile phone users and nearly one-third of all American adults own a tablet or e-reader. As more and more customers use mobile technology to access the internet, it is important for your business to have an engaging mobile experience.

How does your website stack up?

Studies have found that 80% of customers call or visit a business 24 hours after doing a search on their mobile device. If prospects searched for products and/or services related to your business and accessed your website from their smartphone, would they have to scroll or zoom in to get information? With so many different handheld devices, potential customers could be experiencing frustrations you never knew about when trying to view your website from their smartphone or tablet. The last thing you want them doing is leaving your website to go to the competition’s website because it is easier to use.

Give your website flexibility

If your company’s mobile experience is in need of an overhaul, industry experts suggest a responsively designed website. This flexible option allows your website to be scaled and viewed from a desktop computer, smartphone or a tablet. It allows customers to access information about your business anytime, anywhere and provides them an optimal user experience. Visit to experience how a responsive website works.

The Benefits of Responsive

  • Search engines do not recognize two URLs. One scalable website improves search engine results.
  • Better on your budget. One website costs less to design, build, program and maintain.
  • Provides easy access to important information including location, contact, product/service highlights, resources and social media links.
  • Large buttons allow for one-click calling, one-click email and instant directions.
  • Customers are able to access and easily browse your website instantly on their mobile device while riding the bus, waiting for an appointment or standing in line at the coffee shop.