Rest In Print?

With websites, social media, and SEO giving modern marketing a new face, it’s easy to overlook print marketing and its effect on consumers. Surprisingly, many marketers believe print is dead.

This isn’t the case at all.

Out of those American households that receive advertising mail, 80% of them read those advertisements, influencing their perception of the company or brand. Below are some of the many reasons that print is, in fact, not dead.

1. It communicates the value of the brand.

Because over 55% of consumers trust print over any other medium, print ads are a quick way to establish credibility. Print also offers a wider range of creativity in the design process than other mediums and establishes a brand identity with its audience.

2. It’s tangible.

What makes print so intriguing is that it entices people to read it because it’s a physical piece intended to be held onto. A tangible piece of mail, brochure, or flyer often piques our curiosity until we take a closer look. The quality of print material often feels more personal than a digital message which can be easily lost in a sea of other messages. There’s also something to be said about a print piece’s longer shelf life – a flyer might hang in the hallway of an office building for months and reach a much broader audience than other mediums.

3. It attracts the most engaged.

Those who consume print expect a much different experience than they get with the digital content they consume. Consumers are in a more active mental state when engaging with print mainly because it differs from the digital messages that people are bombarded with in today’s technology-driven society. This differentiation allows people to remain much more present while consuming print material.

4. It provides personality.

Websites need to include high quality content that gets directly to the point without using visuals that may distract the user. Online users come to websites for quick insight into a business and for fast information. If that information isn’t provided within three clicks, the user will go elsewhere. In contrast, customers take their time with print materials, allowing you to have more a personality with your pieces.

5. It isn’t confined to the screen.

With print, you don’t have to worry about the customer clicking away to find the information elsewhere which is significantly different than a website. The information is stationary on a single medium. In addition, print advertisements offer the flexibility of reaching people virtually anywhere – the bus stop, on the sidewalk, in mailboxes, and in magazines. The possibilities are endless.

6. It will be there when the screen isn’t.

Not everyone likes to stare at their computer or phone for days; many Americans prefer to unplug and enjoy life offline. So, when your digital marketing isn’t available to your customers, you can still utilize print to reach them.

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