Social Media Updates for June 2014

The world of social media is constantly changing. With so many networks and users, it can be challenging to keep up with the many new layouts, images, and settings that always pop up. We are continuously monitoring the major social networks for any changes that may impact our clients and readers, so here’s a list of the most recent social media changes:


  • Facebook recently implemented some pretty drastic changes to the layout of business pages. The timeline content has shifted to the right column and pertinent profile information now lives on the left, including the about, reviews, posts to page, likes, and photos sections. You can use the “Manage Sections” option to change the order in which these sections show.
  • As part of these layout changes, Facebook made some adjustments to the profile and cover photos, affecting how they appear on the page and when hovering over the company name. The profile picture has been moved up so that it now obscures a larger portion of the cover photo behind it. Additionally, Facebook now displays the page name and subcategory, along with the like, follow, and share/message buttons on top of the cover image. Your cover image may need to be updated in order to accommodate the new superimposed content.
  • Another recently added Facebook feature is the ability to upload your menu directly to your Facebook page. This is a great new feature for restaurants worldwide, now allowing you to display all of your pertinent details directly through Facebook, including hours, location, price range, and complete menu.


  • Twitter has also given their profiles a major overhaul. Individual Twitter accounts now have a completely different look with a three-column design. On the left, you will find your name, Twitter handle, bio, location, website, and photo and video gallery. The center column displays your Twitter timeline with tabs for photos/videos along with following, followers, and favorites. In the right column, you’ll see your recommended accounts and trending topics. One exciting new feature is the ability to pin a tweet to the top of your page, allowing you to highlight an important or interesting update that may have previously been lost in a busy timeline.
  • Along with the new three-column layout, Twitter has made changes to its images. Your profile now has a larger profile photo and a massive header photo on a solid white background. Your images will need to be optimized for this larger size, with the profile photo now measuring 400×400 pixels and the cover photo measuring 1500×500 pixels. Your background image will still display behind individual tweets, so it’s important to make sure that it is optimized as well.

Additional Updates

  • Google+ has added Insights for pages, a new feature that will allow page managers to measure the success of their efforts. Insights will be broken down into three tabs: Visibility, Engagement, and Audience. Managers will be able to use this new tool on the desktop platform and via Android phones, with an iOS app being added later.
  • With Instagram’s latest app update, they have implemented some powerful photo editing options that go beyond their Polaroid-style filters. These helpful tools allow users to make subtle adjustments to their photos, including alignment, brightness, contrast, warmth, saturation, and several other characteristics.
  • Pinterest is rolling out their Guided Search for web (previously available on mobile), which helps users filter their Pinterest search with suggested terms. The visual guide will help users sift through ideas and find what they’re looking for, and other relevant pins, more easily.

With the social media landscape constantly changing, you can count on the team at Millennium Marketing Solutions to keep you informed. If you need assistance with designing, setting up, or managing your pages, our skilled graphic designers and social media managers are here to help! Please be sure to comment or email us if you have any questions.