Take Your Print Marketing To The Next Level

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, “Print is dead.” Well, whoever told you that is wrong and I’m here to tell you why.

Last month in the Millennium blog titled Direct Mail: The Evergreen Marketing Tactic, I discussed direct mail and why it’s here to stay. You can either check it out for specific details or simply trust me. Finished reading? Ok, as I was saying, direct mail is here to stay but that’s only a small portion and only one tactic in the expansive print marketing arena. From business cards to annual reports, calendars to stationary, the world of print is limitless. Many feel that it is being replaced with technology such as the internet, or smartphones, but stop and think for a second: when was the last time you were networking within your industry or pitching to a potential client? Did you exchange information directly onto each other’s phones or did you simply exchange business cards? Exactly. While it may seem that online initiatives have completely taken over, they most certainly have not and here are a few statistics* to prove it:

Print Marketing Stats

As you can see, print is thriving and the team here at Millennium can help you make your print come alive. As a full-service marketing agency, Millennium can help you combine and coordinate your print and digital marketing efforts to maximize your return on investment and increase your brand exposure. From brainstorming concepts and writing copy, to complete design and physical printing, Millennium can assist you in taking your next print marketing project to the next level.  No project is too large or too small, from a business card or brochure to a multi-piece sales packet or annual report, Millennium’s iGen4 and Impressia Digital Multi-Media Printer can handle it all.

While Millennium’s high-tech printers can produce the best quality materials, it’s the Millennium print team who really shine. With over 100 years of combined experience in the printing industry, the Millennium team can work with you to fulfill your project needs no matter the job, within any budget, and inside any turnaround timeframe.

Even better yet? No longer are the days of printing in mass quantities due to heavy charges for initial setup fees. These days, it is quite cost-efficient to only order what you need when you need it and Millennium will ensure you receive your finished product on-time and exactly to your specifications. No need to worry about storing 5,000 extra sales packets when you know you only need 1,000 for the next quarter. Especially when you are considering new branding, anticipating product or service changes, or even considering a new website.

The team here at Millennium can and will help you with all your print marketing needs, you just need to email us today at info@mm4solutions.com today to get started!

*Statistics cited from the following sources: Directmailingcenter.com, SBA.gov, ASICentral.com, and Elainefogel.net.