The Many Facets of Marketing: Which Role Is Right For You?

Have you ever wondered what a career in marketing would be like? There are so many roles and settings within the marketing industry to explore. Whether you are considering it as your first job or for a career change, here is a rundown of things you should know:

Where You Will Work:

Marketing is typically completed in either an in-house or agency setting. In-house means that a company has an internal marketing team who handles all, or most, marketing needs from content creation to implementation. An agency, such as Millennium Marketing Solutions, is a partner that businesses hire to fulfill a variety of marketing needs from strategy and branding to programming and promotional products. Working on an in-house team is a great option for those who want to focus all attention on one brand, whereas an agency setting is ideal for those seeking to work on a multitude of clients in different industries.

What Role You Will Play:

When researching marketing careers, you’ll likely come across some popular job titles such as Marketing Assistant, Social Media Specialist, Digital Marketing Manager, etc. Each holds a unique and vital role in the completion of marketing strategies and tactics. In-house teams will typically have job postings for these types of roles. Agencies, on the other hand, will have openings for those roles in addition to niche roles such as Web Developers, Print Production Coordinators, Account Managers, Administrative Professionals, and Sales Representatives. What does that mean for you? It means you don’t necessarily require a background that screams “marketing” to work in the marketing world.

Things You Should Enjoy:

Now that we have addressed the diverse roles within marketing, it is important to note there are some general things you should enjoy doing. For one, creativity is key! From designing a flyer to finding a solution to a problem, creativity is a highly valued skill in marketing. Working in a dynamic environment is something you should be comfortable with. Research skills are crucial to staying abreast of changes in marketing technologies and best practices. Lastly, organizational skills are important to meet deadlines and to easily adapt to changes in project plans.

Your Educational Background & Experience:

As previously mentioned, you don’t necessarily need a degree in Business or Marketing to enter the field. Each company or agency will have its own education and experience requirements, so pay careful attention to what they are seeking in a job posting. When it comes to applying to a senior role, an advanced degree is often necessary for consideration and/or extensive years of experience.

How Do I Know If Marketing Is Right For Me?

If you want to learn more about what marketing hiring managers are looking for in applicants, consider reaching out to ask for a 15-20 minute informational interview. Informational interviews are conversations in which you are simply seeking to learn more about an industry, they are not an actual interview for a position. Networking among family and friends is helpful too. If someone within your personal network doesn’t work in marketing, it is likely they know someone who is and is willing to chat with you. Perhaps the best way to get your feet wet in the industry is to complete an internship. As a marketing intern, you will be exposed to the various roles that comprise the department or team.

Marketing is a fun and creative career that allows you to think critically and strategically. While there are various careers with the field, each has in common the goal of effectively communicating a message. If you are interested in starting your career in marketing today, the Millennium Marketing Solutions team is growing! Explore our current openings or give us a call at 301.725.8000 for internship opportunities.